Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Aleppo: Massive Propaganda Campaign Against Syrian Government

Sorting out lies from propaganda and disinformation

Massive Propaganda Campaign Against Syrian Government 

The following illustrates pretty well the propaganda that we are being bombarding with - following the silence and total lack of context.

There have already been reports of “moderate” headchoppers shaving off their beards and presumably merging with the population. I am sure that after fighting with these people for four years the Syrian army is not going to be going around with bouquets of flowers.Some of these people will be deserving of retribution.

All American “humanitarian pauses” are designed to allow the terrorists to regroup – inbetween bombing of civilian targets.

Israeli News Live does a pretty good job of sorting what is propaganda and where the truth lies.

The following is from Vanessa Beeley who is in Aleppo at the moment
Rami Jarrah you are a lying propaganda merchant. Where are you in Aleppo? Meet me and defend your lies in public on camera. Second these photos are of your Nusra Front terrorists and associates who surrendered to the Syrian national army.
11 hrs
For civilians who flee eastern Aleppo, this is where their fate lies, rounded by by Asaad's forces and stripped of their dignity as though they were criminals for enduring all that they have for years.
The Syrian regime cannot be trusted and this is why many would rather die than fall to the feet of a dictator.
Oh and the United Nations, what are they doing? Business as usual.. simply nothing...

Vanessa Beeley I was told by a commander of a special army unit that 

they were Nusra Front, surrendered. Thats good enough for me 
LikeReply11 hr

This is from Reuters

11 Dec. 2016 Aleppo, SyriaA police Brigadier General addresses men, who were evacuated from the eastern districts of Aleppo, as part of a preparation to begin their military service at a police centre in Aleppo, Syria December 11, 2016. REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki

It is hard to square the allegations  with the following

Syrians to BBC (propaganda) reporter :

"You are not telling the Truth about Syria"

This is how jihadists in East Aleppo treated Syrian soldiers that surrendered to them over the course of the war for Aleppo.

Robert Fisk, nor friend of the Bashar Assad regime, is a more realistic journalist than all the western hacks reporting from a distance

There is more than one truth to tell in the awful story of Aleppo

Our political masters are in league with the Syrian rebels, and for the same reason as the rebels kidnap their victims – money

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