Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Aleppo is terrorist-free

Aleppo is liberated

BREAKING: Syrian Arab Army declares victory in #Aleppo. The city is completely terrorist-free! ?￰゚ヌᄒ?✌️️

BREAKING: #Aleppo is officially liberated! Residents are in the streets celebrating the end of nearly 5 years of terror. Dancing, singing, chanting and tears of joy! 

Liberated Syrian men, women, children and elderly are praising their steadfast Army and President Bashar al-Assad for this historic victory. Will Western journalists cover it? I think not. 

From earlier

Jihadists begin complete withdrawal from east Aleppo

12 December, 2016
BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:15 P.M.) - The jihadist rebels of Fatah Halab and Jaysh Al-Fateh have accepted terms of surrender in east Aleppo after withstanding a two month long siege imposed by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their allies.
Per the agreement put in place, the jihadist rebels and all civilians will be allowed safe passage from the east Aleppo pocket to the 'Anadan plains near Mount Simeon - no activists, civilians, or jihadists will be arrested.
This agreement was put in place after the jihadist rebels retreated from the strategic Sheikh Sa'eed District, which was considered one of the last strongholds for Jaysh Al-Fateh and their allies.
While the proposal has been accepted by all sides, the Syrian Arab Army has yet to enter any of these neighborhoods; this is due to the fact that many jihadists have not yet left the area.
Once the pocket is officially cleared, the Syrian Armed Forces will be able to concentrate their ground units to the southern Aleppo countryside, where Hezbollah is awaiting to launch an offensive along the Aleppo-Idlib Highway.

Street celebrations in Aleppo on news of Syrian Army retaking east of city – RT reporter

© Lizzie Phelan
© Lizzie Phelan / RT

Aleppo streets have erupted in celebrations with people waving flags and shooting in the air as reports said the Syrian Army has taken control of the last militant-held areas in eastern part of the city, RT’s Lizzie Phelan reports from the ground.

While an official statement on the situation is yet to emerge from Damascus, a source close to Syrian Army headquarters told RIA Novosti that the army is on the brink of liberating the city.

The army has begun clearing out the last terrorist stronghold in the Salaheddin neighborhood. The terrorists are firing back and are trying to use mortars,” the source told the news agency. “However, the complete liberation of Aleppo could happen soon, which will be officially announced.”

Meanwhile people have already taken to the streets of the war-torn city in celebrations, RT’s Lizzie Phelan reported from Aleppo

The Clinton News Network version of events


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