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The Democrat Establishment starts to melt down - 11/01/2016

America seems to be in full meltdown and very quickly. These events are leaving Watergate (which I recall from my teens) in the shade.

Top-level democrats are melting down in public; Democrats are starting to demand that Hillary stand down: Michelle Obama has removed mention of Hillary from her Twitter acount and it seems that the FBI are investigating more than just Mr. Weiner’s emails.

In the fevered partisanship I cannot vouch for any of the sources. There will be exaggeration and, no doubt some disinformation but nothing compared with what is coming from the panicked liberal press I’ll wager.

Clinton aide advised: 'Dump all those emails'


1 November, 2016

Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman advised a longtime aide that they were "going to have to dump all those emails" on the day that a report revealed Clinton's exclusive use of a private email server while secretary of State, according to stolen emails released Tuesday by WikiLeaks.

Not to sound like Lanny, but we are going to have to dump all those emails so better to do so sooner than later,” says the March 2015 message, labeled as from John Podesta to Cheryl Mills and apparently referencing longtime Clinton confidant Lanny Davis.
Think you just got your new nick name,” Mills replied. 
Clinton campaign officials have refused to confirm the authenticity of the emails, which are believed to have been stolen from Podesta’s personal account by Russian government hackers.
Previously released emails have revealed some advisers were frustrated that Clinton hadn't made information about the server public sooner. 
"Why didn't they get this stuff out like 18 months ago? So crazy," policy adviser Neera Tandenwrote to Podesta that same evening, March 2, 2015. 
"Unbelievable," Podesta replied. 
Other messages show the Clinton campaign caught unprepared for the New York Times story, published weeks before Clinton launched her bid for the White House.
Also on March 2, Podesta asked future campaign manager Robby Mook if he had seen it coming.
Did you have any idea of the depth of this story?” Podesta asked Mook in an email late on the evening. 
Nope,” Mook responded after 1 a.m. that night. “We brought up the existence of emails in reserach [sic] this summer but were told that everything was taken care of.”
In other messages, Clinton’s aides spent hours debating language for Clinton to use defending and eventually apologizing for her actions.

Breaking: Hillary cancels public appearance due to a large crowd of people chanting "Lock Her Up!"

The New York Times featured a photo of Hillary Clinton being welcomed to an early voting site in Pompano Beach, Florida on Sunday. Apparently, she didn't stay too long at her rally location at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater. Clinton almost melted at the sight of Trump signs surrounding her and people yelling "Lock Her Up!". A police escort shared what happened:

General Michael Flynn told FOX News that it’s time for Hillary Clinton to ‘step down from the race.’

When asked about the “Russian connection” that is now being spread aggressively by the Clinton media machine, General Michael Flynn was firm and absolute…

It baloney, it’s absolute baloney, and its an absolute distraction to what Hillary Clinton knows she did, and what she did was totally wrong. She should step down. She should not be running for President of the United States.”
The FOX News reporter pressed General Flynn again on the”Russian connection”…

It’s utter nonsense. This is utter nonsense. This is a tactic that the Democratic and the Clinton machine are using to try to distract from what they know to be true…There is incredible level of deceit here…and incredible level.”

I’m sick of it”

General Michael Flynn blasted Hillary Clinton’s corruption and lies…

This is about lying, dishonesty, deceit of the American public at the highest levels of our government.”

The American people are sick of the deceit and the dishonesty.”


When Hillary goes low, Michelle goes BYE!

Michelle Obama deleted Hillary Clinton from both of her Twitter accounts as news broke that Clinton is under two different FBI investigations

Michelle Obama has scrubbed all references to Hillary Clinton from both of her Twitter accounts as news breaks that Clinton is under two different FBI investigations involving four FBI offices.

The @FLOTUS account has been wiped clean of all traces of Hillary, and @MichelleObama, a verified page with almost six million followers, has been scrubbed all the way back to 2013.

Is Michelle performing a last minute tidy up, clearing out the clutter before the dumpster fire of the Democratic campaign finally burns out?

Are the Washington elite preparing to move on from Hillary?

Bernie Sanders has also begun to change his tune. A Twitter post today sure didn’t sound like it was referring to Hillary Clinton.

Now is the time for our next president to rally people against Wall Street and corporate greed and stand up for the declining middle class.
Bernie was asked by a supporter about the write-in thing – and his response might surprise you. “If you want to write me in here [Vermont], I think it’s fine.”

Law enforcement and national intelligence officials have suspended Hillary Clinton’s weekly intelligence briefings after further information regarding the Democratic nominee’s use of private emails has surfaced.

According to sources familiar with the briefing process, senior officials notified the Clinton campaign on Sunday afternoon that several federal agencies “no longer believed it was either appropriate or prudent for a candidate to receive classified intelligence briefings while under a significant and ongoing investigation.”


It was reported on Friday that the FBI has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private unsecured email server while she was Secretary of State.
The investigation spawned when Anthony Wiener, the husband of top Hillary Clinton ally Huma Abedin, turned over his home server as part of an investigation. The server shared storage from Huma and Hillary, and gave the FBI access to thousands of emails they did not have prior access to.
On top of that, it was reported Sunday that the FBI is also conducting an additional investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary sure does make history. Second time she has been under criminal investigation this year as a presidential candidate.

An FBI agent added, “The FBI made the determination that the investigation would go forward as a comprehensive unified case and be coordinated, so that investigation is ongoing and Huma Abedin and her role and activities concerning secretary of state in the nature of the foundation and possible pay to play, that’s still being looked at and now.”
The intensity of the situation has gotten so bad that we now have reports that top Democrats and officials are now considering asking Hillary Clinton to step down by the end of the week.
Democrats throughout the party have argued that they cannot have support a candidate that is under FBI investigation for a second time in the same year. For once, Democrats are exactly right on this argument.
While there are many moving parts to all of this, one thing remains absolutely certain: the FBI would not reopen an investigation for a second time unless it was very serious.

Odd that Hillary argues Donald Trump doesn't have the judgement to be president, yet she is under FBI investigation for the second time.

MIAMI, Florida, US ( – Five FBI field offices are investigating the Clinton Foundation including agents in Miami over the charity’s work in Haiti.

It was reported earlier that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had field offices in New York, Washington D.C. and Little Rock, Arkansas looking into the Clinton Foundation. It was learned through the Daily Caller and Wall Street Journal that offices in Los Angeles, California and in Miami, Florida are now involved.

Mirroring information provided by a former senior law enforcement official that “multiple FBI investigations are underway involving potential corruption charges against the Clinton Foundation,” WSJ revelation confirms what The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group reported in August.

FBI field offices in three cities, specifically, New York, Little Rock and Washington, D.C., were coordinating with the U. S. Attorneys working in those cities. FBI agents in Miami are also joining the probe, TheDCNF has since learned.

The Clinton Foundation has numerous programs operating in Haiti, the Caribbean, Latin America and South America.

The investigations into the Clinton Foundation are currently separate from the reopened investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. But many believe among some 33,000 deleted emails never obtained by the State Department or FBI may bring the two probes together

WikiLeaks Revelation: Hillary Campaign Chairman Podesta Told Staff "Have to dump all those emails" -- Intent To Obstruct Justice ! ! !

WikiLeaks Revelation: Hillary Campaign Chairman Podesta Told Staff "Have to dump all those emails"  -- Intent To Obstruct Justice ! ! !
The "smoking gun" of criminal intent has been revealed via WikiLeaks, proving that Hillary Clinton deliberately engaged in felony Obstruction of Justice by deleting emails under Subpoena by the US House of Representatives.  
Moreover, she did so at the behest of her Campaign Chairman, John Podesta, with the full knowledge of her attorney Marc Elias of the law firm Perkins Coie, the full knowledge of former State Department Chief of Staff (and attorney) Cheryl Mills, and Hillary's Campaign Manager, Robby Mook.
In today's, 25th, Wikileaks release of hacked Podesta emails, one of the notable highlights is a March 2, 2015 exchange between John Podesta and Clinton aide Cheryl Mills in which the Clinton Campaign Chair says

 "On another matter....and not to sound like Lanny, but we are going to have to dump all those emails."

The email, which seems to indicate intent, was sent at the same time as the NYT story "Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules" -  which for the first time revealed the existence of Hillary's email server - hit, and just days before Hillary's press conference addressing what was at the time, the stunning revelation that she had a personal email account, and server, in her home.
Mills' response: "Think you just got your new nick name."
It is unclear which "Lanny" is referred to: the infamous former DOJ staffer Lanny Breuer who quit in January 2013 after telling Frontline that some banks are too big to fail, or, more likely Lanny Davis, special counsel to President Bill Clinton, and spokesperson for the President and the White House on matters concerning campaign-finance investigations and other legal issues
It is also unclear - for now - which emails Podesta is referring to in the thread, but Podesta adds: "better to do so sooner than later."
This was written March 3rd.

The Congressional Subpoena for Clinton private-server emails came March 4.

The private-server emails were deleted March 25-31

Mills was granted special immunity from any of her correspondence after January 31 being investigated. The only plausible reason is because the DOJ knew there was incriminating evidence and took actions to keep it from discovery. This means that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is completely corrupt as well.  To show exactly how corrupt they are, they even agreed for Mill's laptop (and that of Heather Samuelson) to be destroyed.
So this recognition that they needed to "dump" the emails should be game over and should be grounds to rescind the immunity previously granted to Mills.
We can hope that a subsequent response, yet to be leaked by Wikileaks, will provide more color.
If the exchange is shown to disclose intent to mislead, it will negate the entire narrative prepared by Clinton that she merely deleted "personal" emails and will reveal a strategic plan to hinder the State Department and FBI "investigation."
This is the first time that particular exchange has emerged among the Podesta emails.

Furthermore, a search for Lanny Davis reveals the following curious exchange between Robby Mook and John Podesta from March 8, 2015, just days after the above-mentioned exchange, in which Mook says 
We gotta zap Lanny out of our universe. Can't believe he committed her to a private review of her hard drive on TV.

It seems the Clinton campaign was not happy with being set on a course of transparency by Bill Clinton's special counsel.

Finally, in a separate email sent out in the first week of March 2015, by Clinton campaign communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, we get yet another confirmation that the president actively mislead the public when he said he didn't know Hillary was using a private email address: 
Suggest Philippe talk to Josh or Eric. They know POTUS and HRC emailed. Josh has been asked about that. Standard practice is not to confirm anything about his email, so his answer to press was that he would not comment/confirm. I recollect that Josh was also asked if POTUS ever noticed her personal email account and he said something like POTUS likely had better things to do than focus on his Cabinet's email addresses.

Perhaps while the DOJ/FBI is taking a second look into Huma Abedin's emails, it can also take a repeat look at some of these, especially the ones involving POTUS.
Given these revelations, some in the general public might come to the opinion that these high-and-mighty people, Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, Marc Elias, John Podesta, Robby Mook, Barack Obama et. al. are nothing more than criminal thug pieces of shit.  It might be interesting if they began being treated exactly that way when they're in public.

Newt Gingrich FULL EXPLOSIVE INTERVIEW W Sean Hannity 

Hillary ON TAPE: Don't Hold an Election Unless You Rig It in Advance

Ms Clinton made the obseravtion about elections in occupied Palestine while speaking to a private gathering of Jewish journalists 

Anyone wondering what "democracy promotion" will look like in a Hillary Clinton administration may get a taste from a new audiotape released today of Hillary addressing the editorial board of the Jewish Press back in 2006.

In the tape Hillary is clearly heard telling the Jewish Press journalists present:
I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. I think that was a big mistake. And if we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win.

Listen for yourselves:

Present at the meeting was Jewish Press editor Eli Chomsky, who recalls being shocked that “anyone could support the idea—offered by a national political leader, no less—that the U.S. should be in the business of fixing foreign elections.”
Hillary Clinton's stated practice of taking a private position and a public position on every issue is also apparent in her comments in that same meeting on whether it was worth talking to the Syrian government.
Said Clinton at the time (sounding almost like Ron Paul):
You know, I’m pretty much of the mind that I don’t see what it hurts to talk to people. As long as you’re not stupid and giving things away. I mean, we talked to the Soviet Union for 40 years. They invaded Hungary, they invaded Czechoslovakia, they persecuted the Jews, they invaded Afghanistan, they destabilized governments, they put missiles 90 miles from our shores, we never stopped talking to them. ...But if you say, ‘they’re evil, we’re good, [and] we’re never dealing with them,’ I think you give up a lot of the tools that you need to have in order to defeat them…
Perhaps Hillary should come clean on how many elections she "determined who was going to win" beforehand while Secretary of State.

Clinton family henchman James Carville goes insane, says ‘KGB and Republicans’ are behind FBI investigation

Democratic strategist James Carville loses his mind in a heated debate over FBI director James Comey's intentions with Hillary Clinton's server investigation.
The Clinton strategy is to discredit and mislead the entire public over their decades long crimes…and James Carville is the man that has hidden many of the Clinton crime family bodies.

Anyone who watches House of Cards will recognize James Carville as Doug Stamper, Frank Underwood’s (aka Bill Clinton) loyal henchman

Carville loses his mind in this interview with MSNBC, stating that the House Republicans and the KGB are in cahoots to destroy America’s democracy..something Hillary Clinton has done a superbly with no help from any US or foreign agency.

James Carville tries to finger the ‘KGB’ over 10 times, followed by phrases such as ‘America’s democracy is under attack’…
The KGB is all over this election.”
This is an attempt to hijack an election.”

First, the KGB does not even exist, making Carville look like an complete nutcase every time he mentions the word ‘KGB’

Second, not one US intelligence Agency has confirmed the Russian government or FSB was behind the hacking.

James Clapper (a man who committed perjury over NSA surveillance) said that Russia has the “methods and motivations” to commit such hacks. Of course they so, as does Israel, China, Germany, and (given the fact that the Clinton foundation was using gmail and yahoo mail), every 8-12 year old hacker.

We recommend Carville and MSNBC read The Duran’s Alexander Mercouris analysis of the Russian Hacker myth to understand what was, and what was not proven.

Carville was in full panic mood. At times during the interview it seemed as if Carville was about to break out in tears, as he witnesses his Clinton crime syndicate blow apart…

Comey was acting in concert and coordination with the House Republicans.”
We also have the extraordinary case of the KGB being involved in this race and selectively leaking things from the Clinton campaign that they hacked.”
This is in effect an attempt to hijack an election.”
It’s unprecedented…the House Republicans and the KGB are trying to influence our democracy.”
This is an unprecedented event that was done on behalf of the House Republicans.”
And as we know the KGB is all over this election and this is what we are talking about? We ought to be talking about our democracy is under assault right now and what we are going to do about it, not [what somebody said in July] about James Comey.”

Apparently the fact that the Soviet security agency was disbanded in 1991 does not preclude its involvement in this vast, anti-Clinton conspiracy organized by the FBI, according to Carville. Poor Carville was clearly apoplectic at the news of Comey’s announcement, describing it as an assault or attack on American democracy multiple times.
Carville was very upset that Comey’s announcement thrust Clinton’s surely unethical and likely illegal behavior back into the spotlight. It would seem to me that the FBI shouldn’t be getting rolled by the House Republicans, that’s what happened here — there’s nothing else that’s going on — and in the meantime … democracy is under assault by the KGB,” he said. “To me that’s something we ought to be talking about.”
Unfortunately for Carville, whilst fanciful tales about time-traveling Soviet spies and an FBI on the GOP’s take certainly make for interesting entertainment, they pale in importance to the real life stories of Clinton’s brazen lawlessness.

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