Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Last day of the presidential campaign

This is about all I intend to do over the presidential horserace.

This is nonsense of course but I must admit to finding Jones quite entertaining so long as you don’t take him too seriously.

"Hillary Drops Out of Presidential Race!"

This however seems to be genuine

Hillary BOOED OFF-STAGE in less than ONE MINUTE by Latinos in Los Angeles!


Clinton campaign in downward spiral as election nears

From the other side... not so confident on the eve??

The US presidential campaign ended on Monday where the fiercest nomination battles began – in the rust belt – as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spent the last hours of a bitter election focused on the country’s deep economic divide.

Democrats gained a late confidence boost as a final series of national opinion polls confirmed a small but steady lead for Clinton. Early voting numbers point already to record turnout among Latino voters stirred into action by Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric.

But the continued risk of an upset that would send shockwaves around the world was underlined by state-level polling suggesting several possible paths to victory also remain for Trump. He hopes to galvanise white working-class anger over jobs and trade in the traditionally Democratic manufacturing regions, though also needs an almost clean sweep of battleground states including Florida and North Carolina to win outright.....

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