Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Rumours about Julian Assange won't die

Some stories just won’t die! There are still rumours that Julian Assange has been assasinated or is in custody.

What is certain is that, as Zero Hedge has reported, there is huge pressure on Ecuador and the US terrorist nation has leverge over it – and that is why the internet was turned off by the Ecuadorians.

We do not know what has transpired since but there is no doubt that this is tied up with VP Joe Biden’s threat to wage cyber war against Russia,

After watching Biden I find it hard to understand why people still doubt the lengths the Americans will go,even with the veneer of constitutionality. I think we are at a stage where we do not know what actions to expect.

Do not expect any rationality.

Some people have such a charming faith in the political process and that it will stand in the way of the worst excesses (such as in the case of Amy Goodman). Some have immediately called “bullshit” because none of this goes with their romantic view of the world.

In looking at the news we do need to confirm stories and sometimes this is hard. I am learning to exepct anything or everything.

Who would have thought that ‘democratic” Britain would ever freeze the banking accounts of a TV news channel?

BREAKING: [VIDEO] Julian Assange in the Custody of UK Officials!

17 October, 2016

Based on unconfirmed reports from the UK by sources on the ground. The Ecuadorian Embassy was stormed by special forces or tactical law enforcement agents moments ago. A man was seen leaving with a black bag over his head. 

Reports the Brits storm the Ecuadorian Embassy tonite while Kerry demands the UK revoke their diplomatic status so Assange can be seized

These events occurred only 30 minutes after Wikileaks tweeted that Julian Assange was disconnected from the Internet.

The entire event took less than 5 minutes to go down.
We will bring you more as more information is made available. We will update this article as information comes in…
Video from man on the ground link below:
Additional Information:
Individual now claiming that Julian Assange is still at the Embassy however, there has been no proof provided. We will udpate this as soon as we have more.
New YouTube Video – Embassy is unwilling to confirm that Julian Assange is still alive.

Julian Assange Internet Shutdown and Suicided?

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