Friday, 2 September 2016

Marine Le Pen speaks our on CNN

Let the ‘far-right” le Pen speak for herself

Watch CNN, Marine Le Pen interview: ‘Hillary Clinton is war, devastation, instability, world conflict’

31 August, 2016

France's Marine Le Pen makes it very clear to CNN that she is not with Hillary.

Yesterday we wrote that CNN would be sitting down with France’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen, in what was to be a very anti-Hillary interview.

The interview is below…and Marine Le Pen, to CNN’s obvious disgust, did not hold back on her criticism of Hillary.

Le Pen covered a fairly wide range of topics from the burkini debate to the Brexit results, but the best was saved for her warning to the world that a Hillary Presidency would spell global war and destruction.

In the end of the interview, Le Pen made it very clear that she places France’s sovereignty and its citizens best interests, above the EU and the globalist agenda.

This is the exact patriotic nationalism that the neo-liberal left is working overtime to destroy.

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