Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Winter weather conditions in Australia

While we are talking about weather Down-Under

Weather records in Australia – despite the cold, wet weather


- Australia's fifth-warmest July mean minimum on record, all of the eastern States and Western Australia in the top ten. (Second warmest on record for Victoria, third warmest Tasmania, fourth warmest NSW).

- Day time temps were warmer than average around the northern and eastern coast and Tasmania; cooler than average for much of Western Australia, and central Queensland

- A very wet July for central Queensland, the tropics, parts of the west, Tasmania and large parts of southern & mountain areas of Victoria.

Queensland's and Tasmania's seventh-wettest July on record, Victoria's tenth-wettest July on record.

Map one: Minimum anomaly temps in July compare to the norm.

Map two: Rainfall deciles for July.

Maps are provided by the BOM.

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