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REPOST:"How the U.S. Government Exposed Thousands of Americans to Lethal Bacteria to Test Biological Warfare"

I am reposting this material from several months ago from Mark Austin.

If you go to the original you can follow some of the ensuing discussion.


But, in the meantime, from Prof. Guy McPherson – his considered opinion:

"We're fucked and the govt knows it. The govt has plans to release a bioweapon in the U.S. AS SOON AS this summer. It will kill everybody in the country. There's more, too, and none of it is good."

Information you won't hear anywhere else

Nature Bats Last

This week we were joined by Mark Austin, a former student of Guy’s at the University of Arizona and, more recently, government contractor and truth-teller.

For the past 14 years, Mark has worked in several capacities for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security since its inception.

Mark revealed abundant information you’ll not hear elsewhere.

We’ll dedicate next week’s show to discussing it on the air. Please call in with your comments and questions after listening to this show.


The following are my own comments - 

I have just come home from a short walk to try and clear my head after listening to what was that of a bombshell. I can't really think of anything else right now so I just have to sit down and absorb what are you just heard as best I can.

Guy and Mike interviewed Mark Austin who is an old student of Guy’s who was obviously hugely impressed by him. 

He has spent the last few years working as a contractor and advisor for numerous Federal departments, including Homeland Security

He has specialised in areas that relate to nuclear and visited many of the problem areas.

He took it upon himself to organse to have Guy (as the person with the knowledge of abrupt climate change and how this relates to possible simultaneous meltdown of 400 nuclear power plants),  to consult with Homeland Security. He said he was on the home run to getting this organised and it suddenly fell apart when a superior came back saying “we can't have this person – he's a radical anarchist and - ecoterrorist!”

It was confimation that there is knowledge of Guy’ s work going right up to the top level.

What Mark had to say is so mind blowing that one can have, it would seem, only one of two reactions:

Either this guy is so over the top, insane even, that he shouldn’t be listened to, or – and this is what I believe – he has good information, good connecttions and is entirely credible and is blowing the whistle on something that is darker than anything you could imagine. 

In such a case you might need to sit down, preferably with a stiff drink, to absorb his shocking message.

Of course, I don't exclude a third possibility, which is to shrug one's shoulders in incomprehension, change the TV channel, or go shopping.

Such people are ready for the insane asylum that they are in fact already inhabiting.

Mark was understandably more than a little nervous presenting his message and when you hear him you’ll understand why.

It takes a little absorbing, so I sat down to listen a second time and take some notes. This, at least in part, is what I gleaned.

He talked about the amazing technology that they have, things we have not heard of, including technology to reflect heat back into space. The people running the show have all the knowledge about the dangers of abrupt climate change but are also being advised by people who are saying that it is all far in the future and is all fixable with technology.

Guy asked him what he thought was the greatest threat to civilsation and he said that his main concern was the $5.6 trillion biodefense budget. 

Everyone - the Americans, the Russians, the Chinese are right up-to-the-play with the potential for the weaponisation of diseчase sequences.

Everyone, he says, is testing

This technology has the potential to take out 6 billion people.

He talks about 239 cases where bioweapons have been tested on the lcoal population, in the US alone, and recent reports of tests on anthrax and bubonic plague being carried out on the South Korean population

He says other populations, such as the Chinese (and to a greater-or-lesser extent the Russians) are controllable by their leaders. The Americans, he says, are known as a problem, being “very feisty and hard to control”.

He says there is research out there that he is aware of, carried out by the Rand Corporation, ALAC etc, that indicates consideration is being given to unleashing a bioweapon that would take out the entire US population – and they are talking about this coming summer.

We are talking about the powers-that-be using bioweapons against their own population.

He repeated several times that this is verifiable and comes from actual reports and the information he is revealing is not classified but within the public domain.

If things were to unravel very quickly – and this does not include major environmental disaster,  right up to whole cities like Miami disappearing under water with a king tide - (these are regarded as unimportant)-  such an option may be put into operation.

What they are talking about are things that make the running of business-as-usual no longer possible.

Essentially they are talking about their own survival.

If something like abrupt climate change, the clathrate gun, was to came to pass this wouldn't happen but the time scale they are talking about is this summer.

On level of the military-industrial complex everyone's involved and “all are equal partners:

They have their skirmishes, even large skirmishes (which are dangeous) but ultimately they're interested only in themselves.

The maxim is "don’t tell people . This means protest, rebellion, legal action

Essentially it comes down to doing business as usual until you can't.

On nuclear Mark said if there’s a depopulaton event there is still a nuclear problem that needs to be dealt with. It takes a minimum of 5-7 years to do the minimum, remove fuel rods, cool and cask – to remove immediate risk of catastrophic meltdown.

The problem still remains to be dealt with in the following 100 years.

The biggest problem was that of multiple, catastrophic meltdowns, each in itself an extinction event.

His last word was – indeed, he had been dealing with a bunch of lunatics

More material supporting this will be posted on this when it becomes available
In his interview on NBL yesterday Mark Austin made reference to numerous public documents that his claims were made.

I have found a few references that relate to what he is talking about.

I shall add to this list (a bibliography if you will) as more material comes to mind.,

I am purely providing this infomation to assist people to do their own research and make up their own minds.

How the U.S. Government Exposed Thousands of Americans to Lethal Bacteria to Test Biological Warfare

Democracy Now!

The Homeland Security Department last month released what they said was nontoxic gas into New York’s Grand Central Station to trace how chemicals might flow through the terminal in a terrorist attack. We speak with biological and chemical terrorism expert Leonard Cole, who asks what this "nontoxic gas" actually was. He wrote a book about how–in the 1950s and 1960s, U.S. government scientists ran a series of tests to determine how easy it would be to expose large numbers of people to a lethal bacteria. [includes rush transcript]

In the aftermath of the London bombings, the U.S. Government raised the terrorist threat level to Orange, or "High." The alert was particularly applied to the nation’s trains and subway systems. Although far less money has been spent on security measures for public transportation than for the airline industry, experts say subways and trains may be particularly vulnerable to chemical and biological attacks. Late last month, the Homeland Security Department released what they said was nontoxic gas into New York’s Grand Central Station to trace how chemicals might flow through the terminal in a terrorist attack.

But some government simulations of chemical and biological attacks in the past have been somewhat different.

In the 1950s and sixties, scientists from the Fort Detrick biological weapons program ran a series of tests to determine how easy it would be to expose large numbers of people to a lethal bacteria. Containers of nontoxic bacteria were planted in the New York subway, bacteria was secretly pumped into the Pentagon ventilation system and clouds of bacteria were released in San Francisco. And germs that were meant to sicken but not kill humans were tested on conscientious objectors in the military.

I have not watched this.

ANTHRAX & Human Experimentation CIA Biological Weapons

The following indicates that experiments have been done on the American public in the 1940's and 50's - up to the 1970's.

'One of the largest human experiments in history' was conducted on unsuspecting residents of San Francisco

San Francisco's fog is famous, especially in the summer, when weather conditions combine to create the characteristic cooling blanket that sits over the Bay Area.

But one fact many may not know about San Francisco's fog is that in 1950, the US military conducted a test to see whether it could be used to help spread a biological weapon in a "simulated germ-warfare attack." This was just the start of many such tests around the country that would go on in secret for years.

The test was a success, as Rebecca Kreston explains over at Discover Magazine, and "one of the largest human experiments in history."

But, as she writes, it was also "one of the largest offenses of the Nuremberg Code since its inception."

'One of the largest human experiments in history' was conducted on unsuspecting residents of San Francisco

It sounds like a prime conspiracy theory, and indeed if you type it into Google that’s a lot of what you find, but for a period of at least 20 years, the U.S. army carried out simulated open-air biological warfare attacks – on their own cities.

In the wake of World War II, the United Sates military was suddenly worried about and keen to test out the threats posed by biological warfare. They started experiments looking into how bacteria and their harmful toxins might spread, only using harmless stand-in microbes. They tested these on military bases, infecting soldiers and their families who lived with them, but eventually they stepped things up a notch. Disclosed in 1977, it turns out that the U.S. military carried out 239 secret open-air tests on its own citizens.

In one of its largest experiments – called Operation Sea-Spray – the military used giant hoses to spray a bacterial cloud of Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii, both thought to be harmless bacteria at the time, from a Navy ship docked just off the coast of San Francisco. They wanted to investigate how the city's iconic fog might help with the spread of bacterial warfare. And spread it did. It’s estimated that all of the city’s 800,000 residents inhaled millions of the bacteria over the next few weeks as they went about their daily lives none the wiser.   

At the time S. marcescens seemed like the ideal proxy for a deadly bacterial attack, like one using anthrax. Living in the soil, it produces a handy, bright, blood-red pigment, a property often exploited in microbiology as a biological marker allowing scientists to track its transmission in various situations. Perfect then, it would seem, to track a simulated biological warfare attack. Except we now know that it’s not the benign bacterium we once thought it was.

The blood red pigment of S. marcescens, useful as a biological marker. Credit: Dbn/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0.

The military experiments are now known to have caused the death of at least one person,Edward J. Nevin, and the hospitalization of ten others, all of whom suffered from urinary tract infections. It is now known that S. marcescens can cause infection, especially in the urinary and respiratory tract. In fact, it’s even been suggested that the increase in cases of pneumonia in San Francisco following Operation Sea-Spray could also have been a result of the bacterial cloud.    

But the experiments didn’t stop there. As stated, the military carried out over 200 such tests across the country, from New York to Washington DC., spraying bacteria and other fluorescent and microscopic particles into the air, one of which – zinc cadmium sulfide – is now thought to cause cancer. In another series of experiments, they even went so far as simulating an attack on Washington’s Greyhound bus station and airport.  

And the tests weren’t limited to American shores, either. In conjunction with Ministry of Defence scientists as part of the DICE trialsS. marcescens was also sprayed – along with an anthrax simulant and phenol – from a ship over the coast of Dorset in southern England, and its spread tracked. This is also just one of over a hundred such experiments carried out over the U.K. by the British military, which is known to have sprayed zinc cadmium sulfide across large swathes of the country.

This is more current and relatetes to tests carried out by the US in South Korea

The US military has conducted 16 clandestine tests with samples of anthrax and one experiment with bubonic plague since 2009, a joint US-South Korean investigation has revealed. Samples were tested at a US military base, but also in South Korea’s capital, Seoul.

The results of the investigation, led by a joint US-South Korean group, contradict previous statements by the Pentagon that anthrax was tested only once at an American military base outside Seoul.

These are sites relating to the Rand Corporation and ALEC that were speciifically mentioned in the interview.

Here is a Wikipedia article on the US biological weapons program

United States biological weapons program

And here are articles from the Rand Corporation that Mark makes reference to -

Mark made reference to ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) alogn with the Rand Corporations as having written papers on the subject of biowarfare

This is what I came up with with a quick Google search

Agriculture Bio-Security Act



Mark Austin Says:
December 23rd, 2015 at 7:47 am

......I sounded really nervous talking for the first time ever about my work. Fine line between providing professional evidence while in fear. I really could get killed if I say too much. Hard to think about every word before you dare say it. This report provides the key findings of the U.S. chemical and biological warfare programs initiated by analyst 51. For Evidence to complex to explain on radio I provide background information on U.S. policies and programs relevant to the policy issue violations. My conscious is not clear because of my work. In my self de-briefing I’m examining policy issues and de-populations options I provided to Corporate & Chinese leaders. Summarizing the pros and cons of each subverted option and indicating where needed the differing agency viewpoints. The background information includes information on the Soviet biological and chemical warfare programs, the lack of an existing clear U.S. policy on the subject, current U.S. capabilities, stockpiles and R&D efforts, military considerations, and current arms control initiatives.

    The policy issues and options, which for biological weapons include such questions as:
    1) Should the U.S. maintain a lethal biological capability?

    2) Should the U.S. maintain a capability for the use of incapacitating biologicals?

    3) Should the U.S. maintain only an R&D program either in both offensive and defensive weapons, or just in defensive areas?
    Extensive consideration is given to the question of whether the U.S. should continue covert ops in violation of the Geneva Protocol of 1925 prohibiting the use in war of chemical and biological weapons, and if so, with what reservations.

    Among the points of agreement are the need to continue R&D on defensive programs, to develop and improve controls and safety measures for chemical and biological programs, to obtain better intelligence on other nations’ CBW capabilities, and that U.S. declaratory policy regarding lethal chemical and biological agents should remain one of “no first use.” I said H1N1 wrong on the show with Mike. U.S. Supreme court chief Justice William Renquist joined our team for a walk around the Tidal Basin in the spring of 2012 to help us make a very senesitive decision on releasing that info being bemanded by the Freedom of Information act.

    Memorandum to Secretary of State: US Policy on Chemical and Biological Warfare, November 17, 2014 Top Secret M. Austin

    With reference to the meeting scheduled for November 18 on key policy issues to be decided, following the presentation found in respect to the biological warfare issues, Dr.(redacted) indicates that the State Department’s recommended position is that Kerry support the Secretary of Defense’s position that the U.S. maintain a biological R&D and testing program only for defense purposes and to guard against technological surprise.

    National Security Decision Memorandum, United States Policy on Chemical Warfare Program and Bacteriological/Biological Research Program, from National Security to the Vice President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, etc., November 25 Top Secret/Nodis, 3
Mark Austin Says: December 23rd, 2015 at 9:10 am

As promised to the radio show listeners I am supplying this additional explanation of our analysis. Except for potential WW3 or USA election cycle disruption reasons, I highly doubt any biological events will ever happen (unless by accident) in times of potential future disruption. displacements. Starvation & mass refugee crisis.

For the first time ever a bio unit of the Chinese army is here in the USA training in cooperation with our military. 1000 Chinese physicists are here to assist and learn safety procedures with our one hundred plants. I was part of the project deciding to have 10 Chinese per plant remain in the USA for emergency assistance. They also need to learn how to build safer plants.

G.E.M. = Genetically Enhanced Microbes

Every month the NSA, ALEC, Rand & other Corporations would report on why China has the most power to induce biological events in order to assume more control over agricultural zones in Africa, Central Asia & North America.

China’s small group of top leaders are less restricted to launch large scale events. In 2008 it cost Congressional candidates about 6 million each to win an election. Recently the Supreme Court changed campaign finance laws. Donations for campaign costs can be deposited off shore by special interests. The largest campaign contributions on record come from China’s leaders in conjunction with multi-national corporations. In the past the British Empire once conquered and profitably colonized many countries by buying their leaders first. Now Xi Jinping is using the same formula to buy US & Russian leaders.

China’s leader Xi Jinping has extracted vast economic gains from cheap labor & raw materials. However all records indicate that his greatest power play, currently in action on all world markets, will come from China taking control of the World’s Reserve Currency. The Peoples Republic combined with North Korea has the largest standing army on Earth.

Forbes list of top corporations are small compared to the largest privately held companies. At the very top is Saudi Aramco which is worth 20 times the amount of the highest publicly offered company. Currently valued at 19 times greater than Apple, the P.R.C. has over 11 Trillion dollars in stock & bond holdings. Domestically the PRC has control over the publicly offered shares of CNPC, ICBC & China Mobile. The PRC also has a large interest in Walmart’s manufacturing division.

PRC leaders Xi Jinping & Zhou Xiaochuan are also prime share holders in IBM, Apple & HSBC. Beyond Saudi Aramco, the world’s other largest private companies are Pemex, Venezuela Petroleos, Kuwait Petronas & Sonatrach. The PRC has investments in each in return for direct oil supplies. Even the gigantic wealth of Iran National oil is connected by a PRC shipping deal. Globally “China.Inc.” is the empire where the sun never sets. In the past few years China has acquired an enormous gold reserve. The the PRC holds approximately 3 trillion of the U.S. debt. Enough to give the PRC the power to pull the purse strings of Congress. Both the Republican and the Democratic political parties are registered corporations.

Now in unison with Carlos Slim, Xi Jinping has direct control over the ‘MexAmreiCAN’ technology corridor. 94% of all weapons being invented and distributed to worldwide military forces (even when they are at war with each other) come from the North American military-industrial complex. The Pentagon has central command; however, almost all weapons manufacturing is done by private contractors. Chemical, cyber & biologic systems are manufactured in Mexico & Canada. China, Canada & the USA are deeply interconnected by the IMF. The US dollar is still The World Reserve Currency but that could shift to China quickly.

Few soldiers remain at post for long without pay. Therefore the PRC has invested heavily in the USA to have leverage over international military powers and large private armies like “Blackhawk” in the Middle East. During Xi’s USA visit, Obama proceeded with the transition of giving more control of the DARPA created internet system to the PRC.

The world wide DARK web, cyber signaling & satellite systems are the invisible economic network firmly controlling exchange through the International Bank of settlements. Via the threat of debt collapse clearly Xi Jinping is calling the shots with both Russia & NATO.

Since the PRC is the largest silent shareholder in the World Bank, Xi Jinping can use his financial control over allied forces to peacefully avoid warfare. However will Xi need an international distraction – like the conflict over the air strips in the disputed Vietnam & Philippine territories – to induce a war & depopulate North American agricultural lands?

A new Global Currency is already printed and ready for distribution. Even Capitol Hill is pushing limits to break the US dollars value. The outstanding US debt to the PRC is a house of cards that threatens the World Bank. On TV Xi Jinping called for consolidation. China manufactured RFDI micro-chips are being put every US & Euro Zone credit card. Over 2 million chips per day are activated under China’s control.

Jinping’s called Saudi Arabian Kings to collapse the US dollar and merge separate currencies into one International Monetary Fund. A World War level conflict prior to next fall might cost less than the 2016 elections which are are a tiresome and expensive shell game for China, Inc.
Possibly there would be less world conflict if the global industrial matrix did consolidate under one umbrella administration. Xi Jinping has made communist party agreements with Putin. But can the PNR control the rest of the world’s people as easily as Russia & China? Or will they need to enact a series of dramatic events, including bio “accidents”, to reduce world population? The Chinese revised “G.E.M. 21” United Nations plan has been translated by serveral intelligence gathering services. Last Summer In Gastad the top 9 elite members of the Bilderburg Group voted to induce epidemics in case of further destabilized refugee crisis. A smaller world population would be easier for the council to manage. The high rates of current worldwide consumption levels are having an impact on atmospheric jet streams & ocean acidification. Haliburton manufactured fracking fluid adds to methane levels & the expanding southern hemisphere Ozone hole.

Xi Jinping, Sir Evelyn Rothschild, Buffet & the Bilderberg group population control plans are supposed to be completed by 2021. Since Xi Jinping has the military capability to control 1/3 of the world’s population, he may use his Co-Russian unified power to reduce the hardest to control portions of the global population. Over a 100 support documents and research papers on the population reduction “operation 17” are DE-classified.

CIA director John Brennan spoke openly about the intel on induced epidemics shortly before his e-mail was hacked in November 

This was a follow-up to last week's show that featured a conversation with mark Austin.

I also posted some supplementary materials relating this this HERE.

Nature Bats Last – 12.29.15

This week's show was a call-in show based on our conversation with Mark Austin last week. Mike and Guy laid the groundwork for callers with an extensive introduction. We wrapped the show with an update about climate change.

A person calling himself James from Washington called in and made reference to the following story reading out comments which turn out to be from Mark Austin

How old was the guy….seems very relevant, and a standard part of almost every story….yet it is not mentioned.

They do not state that he will undergo an autopsy, also quite odd.

The workers were so poorly trained that they reported him as unconscious, and they didn't both to take a pulse or check for breathing?


The first responders instantly knew he was dead.

 Nothing smells right at the WIPP.

This article has EVEN LESS information about the dead body found at WIPP.

Comments from Mark Austin, 29/12/2015 - 

Intelligence collection analysts collaborate with a number of other analysts in the Intelligence Community. CIA professionals must produce written briefings that detail their findings to U.S. policymakers.

"The depopulation intentions of the world’s most important leaders and institutions are being implemented. When so many influential leaders speak about the need to depopulate the world, you might pay attention to their actions for scheduled release dates underway. The best prepared will survive, but they must immediately begin decommissioning work, or they too will perish.

Global think tank groups an induced pandemic is an option compared to starvation & riots over limited resources.

1. The grid will go down. As soon as possible you will need to know the difference between a normal power failure, rolling blackouts and when the plug has been pulled for good. People on ham radio networks will be the only ones who can discern if it is a national scale event. (We strongly advocated against the use of EMPs to induce the total blackout.) If EMP’s are used then you will know from the stalled vehicles that Military bio war is in process.

2. Over ten thousand sleeper cells already in the USA have their various religious reasons to Biblicaly enact pouring the vials out upon the land, seas, rivers and water purification facilities. Bio-genetics will also be released by professionals trained to do it on a more clinical basis.

300 million are projected to die in 72 hours. For the youngest & oldest it will be very swift. Other diseases will kill more people during the first six months of human decay, combined with very limited medical service providers.

All survivors should immediately proceed toward their nearest nuclear power stations. Teams of at least ten per plant are already trained to manage the consequences of this event. All survivors will need to assist the nuclear professionals conducting the critical first phases of removing rods to cooling ponds. Volumes of instructions, in several languages, are being distributed to every American facility.

Mostly likely there will still be about 200 other meltdowns in other countries. Take potassium iodine and read your books on how a future generation may survive decades after the most radioactive years settle down to half-life.

Surviving chemical engineers must secure the most volatile storage tanks of Boron Tricholoride, Hydrogen Cyanide, Nitric & Slfuric acid, Tungsten Hexafluoride and Ethylene Oxide. Union Carbide representatives will hopefully secure the Methylamine Phosgene. Many other toxic industrial strength substances will leave most manufacturing areas as dead zones for over a decade. CIA analysts also partner and collaborate with professionals in strategy forums. Reports are provided to policymakers for crucial decisions

Postscript: On Christmas Day I received the following comments that were posted on this blog from Mark Austin: 

Hi, I'm at a Christmas Eve party and just got shown how the radio show is on all sorts of sites. Seemorerocks, please do not be too alarmed. 

Bioweapons not that likely to be used, but more so than Nuclear war. The Sept meeting in D.C. with Pope & Xi Jingping is a part of the Pope's Christmas warning message...but it is always wise for us to remember it might be the last one. Live well and safe wishes to all. 

Amazing review above. 

Besides being afraid to talk, I was afraid afterward that I do sound crazy. Now there are all these nice people on Facebook & places I'm discovering like this site. Glad you did understand my attempt. 

I'm on the fine line between evidence and extreme caution. There will be big news this week about massive gvt cover-up on Fukishima. 

Please look for the story as my proof why I can not talk about that level of international data suppression. I do not want to end up like Karen Silkwood. 

P.S. There are further comments in the comments section below

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