Friday, 12 August 2016

Erdogan thanks Assad for support

Erdogan pays tribute to Assad

Erdogan rend hommage à Assad

8 August, 2016

The Turkish newspaper "Al-Sabah" quoted the president Erdogan, who seems to still not be recovered from the failed coup of 15 July : "Assad has condemned the coup, but Saudi Arabia has planted the knife in the back "!

It is the first clear position of the president Erdogan against the Turkish policy of Riyadh. Erdogan has praised then the Syrian President for his stance after the attempted coup.

According to the newspaper, Erdogan has not hesitated to launch : "in spite of the animosity that exists between me and my Syrian counterpart, he condemned the coup, while our allies we have planted the knife in the back. They have failed us when we most need them.

This is the first time that the Turkish President welcomes his Syrian counterpart that could testify to the willingness of Ankara to review its relations with Syria.

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