Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The neo-con position on Erdogan's apology

Nuland: the U.S. believes Erdogan's apology to Russia is inappropriate

29 June, 2016
State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland commented on the apology of the President of Turkey Erdogan to Russia for the downed plane. Nuland said that the United States considers Erdogan's apology is misplaced.
"We are very surprised by such behavior of Turkey's President Erdogan Rajaa. We believe these apologies are misplaced and would like to listen to the position of Erdogan personally. As a partner in NATO, Erdogan disappoints us. We hope that the apology to Turkey over the downed Russian plane will be invalid. Otherwise, States will be forced to change its relations with Turkey," said Nuland.

Nuland Also called on Erdogan not to change its position on the conflict in Syria

"USA urge Turkey to remain faithful to the democratic principles for which we fight in Syria. Different position of our partner in NATO, we believe it is unacceptable," said Nuland.


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