Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The John Batchelor Show: Dr. Strangelove meets General Breedlove

With Gen. Breedlove on the loose it might be an opportune time to remember the Cold War through the eye of the movie, Dr Strangelove.

Time for a new generation to become familiar with the dangers of nuclear war

Accidental War, 2016, or Dr. Strangelove meets General Breedlove & the New Cold War 

Michael Vlahos, Johns Hopkins

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Accidental War, 2016, or Dr. Strangelove meets General Breedlove & the New Cold War. Michael Vlahos, Johns Hopkins, @jhuworldcrisis.

“…Turgidson attempts to convince Muffley to let the attack continue and use the element of surprise to annihilate the Soviet military altogether before they can strike back; Muffley, however, refuses to be party to a nuclear first strike. Instead, he brings Soviet ambassador Alexei de Sadeski (Peter Bull) into the War Room, to telephone Soviet premier Dimitri Kissov on the "hot line". Muffley warns the Premier of the impending attack and offers to reveal the planes' positions and targets so the Russians can protect themselves.

After a heated discussion in Russian with the Premier, the ambassador informs President Muffley that the Soviet Union has created a doomsday device, which consists of many buried bombs jacketed with "Cobalt-Thorium G" connected to a computer network set to detonate them automatically should any nuclear attack strike the country. Within two months after detonation, the Cobalt-Thorium G would encircle the earth in a radioactive cloud, wiping out all human and animal life, rendering the surface of the earth uninhabitable for 93 years. The device cannot be dismantled or "untriggered", as it is programmed to explode if any such attempt is made.

The Inevitability of Nuclear War and Subsequent Nuclear Winter

“So Far We Have Survived Nuclear Armageddon By Luck” Paul Craig Roberts

The long lucky streak can’t go on forever. President Reagan understood this and focused on ending the Cold War. This achievement has been overturned by the evil neocons operating through the last three US presidents.  click here for additional P.C.R. sourced article Ticking Closer to Nuclear Midnight.
 “In a nuclear war, immense nuclear firestorms in burning cities would create millions of tons of thick, black, radioactive smoke. This smoke would rise above cloud level and quickly surround and engulf the entire Earth. The smoke would form a stratospheric smoke layer that would block sunlight from reaching the surface of Earth for a period of about ten years.  Heated smoke in the stratosphere would cause massive destruction of the protective ozone layer. Huge amounts of harmful Ultraviolet light would penetrate the smoke and reach the surface of the Earth.Warming sunlight would be blocked by the smoke layer and cause the Earth to rapidly cool. In a matter of days, Ice Age weather conditions would descend upon all peoples and nations.”
I believe that this will be how they slow down our runaway climate change catastrophe.  The concept of a nuclear orchestrated global dimming and hence cooling is laid out below:  Nuclear War Threatens Human Existence.

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