Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sultan Erdogan saved by general


Pepe Escobar via Facebook

So if now we have an alleged mastermind - former Air Force commander Akin Ozturk - apparently now we also have a hero. Turkish insiders are pointing to Gen.

Umit Dundar as the man who saved Erdogan. Dundar is the commander of the 1st army based in Istanbul.

He called Erdogan on his holiday hotel in the Mediterranean, in Marmaris and essentially told him to get out of Dodge NOW. And fly to Istanbul, not Ankara (this means the Three Stooges coup plotters were not in control of the airport).

Erdogan continues to spin that he left the hotel 15 minutes before the coup choppers arrived to snatch him. It may have been like one hour (more incompetence).

So this whole thing hinged on a phone call (from Dundar) and that Face Time from God. If the execution was not so damn incompetent, they would have pulled it off.

So even if MIT and Erdogan knew a plot was afoot and they let it happen, a real element of risk was involved.

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