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Europe post-Brexit

EIGHT COUNTRIES Now Threaten to Leave EU Following Britain’s Lead

June 27, 2016
The Brexit vote in Great Britain has sparked calls for other referendums. At least eight EU countries want to hold their own referendums to exit the European Union.
marine le pen

National Front Leader Marine Le Pen promised to hold a referendum when she becomes leader of France.
Zero Hedge reported:
It appears, just as we warned, that Brexit was indeed the first of many dominoes. Even before the Brexit result, a poll by Ipsos Mori showed that the majority of people in France and Italy want to at least have a referendum on leaving:
eu countries
Meanwhile, over 40% of Swedes, Poles, and Belgians are in the same boat.
But now, as Martin Armstrong notes, Brussels simply went too far. They cross the line moving from an economic union to a political subordination of Europe. Now eight more countries want to hold referendums to exit the EU – France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, and Slovakia all could leave.

And yet this is today's headlines from the pro-EU, pro-Empire Guardian

Brexitcauses resurgence in pro-EU leanings across continent

Establishment parties in Germany and the Netherlands enjoy surprising gains while the far-right suffers in the polls

Two weeks after Britain’s EU referendum, Europe has defied predictions that the UK’s vote to leave would inspire a surge in copycat breakaway movements, with establishment parties enjoying gains and populists dropping points in the polls.

In Germany, the Brexit aftermath has seen Angela Merkel’s popularity ratings surge to a 10-month high, almost returning to the level the chancellor enjoyed before the height of the refugee crisis last September. An Infratest Dimap poll published on Friday also marks a two percentage point gain for Merkel’s party, the centre-right CDU, and a one point gain for the centre-left Social Democratic party.

Rightwing populist party Alternative für Deutschland, meanwhile, has seen its ratings drop by three percentage points to 11%. The anti-refugee party’s struggles may lie in its leader’s failure to contain an internal rift over an antisemitism scandal

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