Thursday, 7 July 2016

A "pre-packaged" BBC report of nuclear war breaking out?

Yes, I know this comes from the SUPER-unreliable SuperStation95.

The BBC report purporting to be the start of a nuclear war unleashed by a Russian invasion of the Baltics is of course a fake.

But whose fake?

I can't see how SuperStation95 (or anyone else for that matter) would have the reources or skill to put together such a fake.

I will leave it for you to make up your minds.

We DO live in very interesting times.

"Pre-Packaged" BBC News Report of War Breaking-out Between Russia & Turkey over Syria, with Nuclear Attack upon UK, Germany, and NATO!
Why would the BBC "pre-package" a "news" report of war breaking-out between Turkey and Russia over the Syrian situation, which "escalates" during the 36 minute "report" to NUCLEAR DETONATIONS in Europe?
What kind of madness do the powers-that-be have planned for all of us?
Watch this 36 minute BBC "Broadcast" complete with footage of US B-52's and B-2 Stealth taking off from the UK, footage of Russian ships firing missiles at US and UK ships off the coast of Syria,
Prime Minister David Cameron conferring with his Military officers:

Maps and graphics showing Russian troops crossing the borders into Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, video of Russian attack helicopters crossing en masse over into Poland, live "specialist" commentary from former British Military Officers describing the fighting.
The on-air commentary reports the evacuation of Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family, with video showing a motorcode with flashing lights leaving Buckingham Palace, then:
"On-the-scene" reports (with video) of nuclear detonations wiping out US and UK Naval Forces (Click to enlarge),

video of "thermonuclear detonation" in Frankfurt Germany 

video of a nuclear detonation over NATO Headquarters in Brussels (Click to enlarge)

Signs in London quoting their NEW MAYOR, Sadiq Khan, warning the city of "aerial Bombardment" (Click to enlarge)

an activation of the EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM in the UK warning citizens of inbound nuclear weapons,  
and ending with the BBC Report being wiped-off-the-airwaves by full scale nuclear attack upon London and the UK!
Why, in God's name, would such a thing be created?  Unless someone thinks  -- or knows -- it is going to be needed?????  
If that's the case, David Cameron will only continue to be Prime Minister until early October, so if this is some sort of grotesque "pre-plan" . . . then logic would dictate such events would have to take place . . . . before this October.
Perhaps this is just some hoax.  But why would someone engage in such an enormous and elaborate hoax?  To what end?
Watch the video below for yourself to decide.

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