Tuesday, 14 June 2016

NZ to end nuclear ship policy

Slipping nuclear ships back into NZ via the back door.

This article is from Murdoch's the Times (behind a paywall)

Nuclear warships slip back into New Zealand

HMNZS Te Kaha, a New Zealand frigate, in Canada. New Zealand does not have any nuclear warships but is now prepared to drop its policy of banning them from its waters ANDY CLARK/REUTERS

A 30-year ban on foreign naval ships that have nuclear capacity has been dropped by New Zealand in a move that promises to restore full military relations with Britain and America.

In 1985 the country’s Labour government under David Lange barred western warships from its ports if they had nuclear weapons aboard. The measure destroyed the so-called US defence umbrella but emboldened anti-nuclear campaigners.

Now, timed to coincide with the New Zealand navy’s 75th anniversary celebrations in November, the government of John Key has invited the US navy to its shores......[ ]

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