Friday, 17 June 2016

Guy McPheson in California

A Conversation in Santa Cruz

From Guy

The video embedded below was shot on 11 May 2016 by Annie Newman. Thanks, Annie, for editing out the F-bombs sent my way during this conversation. I’m sorry about the forthcoming idiocy from the usual suspects on your YouTube channel. Big thanks to Gail Williamson for hosting in her home the conversation embedded below, to Peter Melton for the conversation, and to Crawford’s Attractions for thousands of details regarding logistical support.

The group involved in this conversation was described to me as comprised of radical activists. Ergo, they required no data about abrupt climate change. I might describe the group differently, at least in retrospect.

I quote Natalia Shakhova at the 48:40 mark and beyond. Two years after her 2013 “quote,” she pointed out that she made no such statement about a 50-Gt burst of methane. I only recently encountered the correction and added it to my long, often-updated climate-change summary and update.

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