Friday, 10 June 2016

Deconstructing the electoral sham in California

Debbie, Sane Progressive says it how it is

Sham democracy in the United States
California Reveals Mass Election Fraud; Hillary Clinton Nomination a Coup

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The Democratic Party & Corporate Media just colluded to commit a coup against the American People and now have the GALL to demand a unification with the candidate who stole our vote and voice. Debbie reports on the election fraud in California, and unflinchingly summarizes the political reality we now must face. Courage and honesty are the ONLY way forward

Election Fraud Blog:

LA Times Report of Mass Election Day Issues:

Election Fraud Blog Documenting Fraud, Voter Roll Purging, and Voter Disenfranchisement through Provisional Ballots:

Estimated 3 million votes not yet counted in California Primary:

Obama Bars Clinton TPP Emails From Coming Out Until After Election:

Clinton's State Department DEEPLY Involved in TPP:

TPP - Worse Than We Thought - End Game Climate Change:

Clinton's Brookings Institute Speech - Iran Agreement Makes It EASIER to Go to War With Iran Insanity:

Hillary Clinton and Honduran Coup:

Hillary Clinton Sold Fracking to World:

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