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Western medua breaks its silence on Aleppo with lies and omissiona


Syrian News: “Abdulrahman was killed by a terrorist rocket on his way home back from school today (April 25).”

-Eva Bartlett, In Gaza (republished at SOTT.netUprooted Palestinians)
Terrorists mortars, rockets, and Hell Cannon-fired gas canister bombs continue to rain down on Aleppo for the past few days (a dramatic increase from the sporadic but frequent terrorism Aleppo residents have been ravaged by over the years). Since April 23, over 1000 terrorists’ rockets/missiles/gas canisters have ravaged Aleppo (see: Syria: Aleppo is Burning and Western Media is Silent), killing at least 40 residents and injuring over 300, according to al-Alam journalist, Rabea Kalawandy‘s April 27 report.

In a more recent update, Kalawandy  wrote:
٨” شهداء لحد اللحظة في #‏حلب‬ نتيجة قذائف المعارضة المعتدلة بينهم أطفال ونساء
8 martyrs so far. In ‪#‎Aleppo‬ as a result of the moderate opposition shells including children and women.”

The actual number of those murdered will likely be far higher, particularly with many of the injured being critically-injured.

Al Masdar news reported on April 26:

6 civilians were killed, 25 others wounded when Islamist rebels fired a barrage of mortars and homegrown missiles into the government held districts of Ashrafiyah, Nile Street, Mokambo and Al-Khalidiyah, in the northern city of Aleppo.

In a video published by Anna News, Aleppo residents spoke out about their daily suffering from the rebel’s constant shelling that took away many lives and did massive damage in Government-held Aleppo.”

A resident speaking in the video had one month prior lost two sons, as well as his hand and forearm to terrorists’ shelling on his neighbourhood.


In a lengthy April 27 BBC propaganda piece, when it finally got to the issue of Aleppo, the article said nothing about the current situation in Aleppo, and for some reason felt the need to use quotation marks when referring to established terrorist groups Da’esh and the Nusra Front:

Russia, of course, has said it is largely striking at IS and al-Nusra “terrorists”.”
Granted, the piece is meant specifically to be anti-Russian propaganda, but yet, not a single mention of the past few days of al-Nusra and other terrorists’ horrific bombardment of Aleppo’s residential areas.

Instead, BBC inserts an undated photo of Aleppo “subjected to airstrikes”, a photo with two hefty men resembling Nusra or other terrorists in the background, one of whom seemingly wearing military fatigues, incidentally.

A search on BBC’s website, using the query “Aleppo”, unsurprisingly turns up zero other articles (other than the anti-Russia piece) on Aleppo the past four days of terrorists’ bombardment of Aleppo.

The Guardian ran the same photo in its April 26 piece by authors based in Turkey, this time with the photo caption: “A wounded boy is helped out of a ruined building after an air strike on the Fardous neighbourhood in Aleppo.”

The Guardian omitted the fact that Fardous is occupied by terrorists.  Further, had the Guardian done a search on the photographer, Ameer al-Halabi, they would have found photos like this showing the photographer’s proximity to clearly armed terrorists, as well as this Feb 2016 photo showing so-called “White Helmets” “rescuers” in Aleppo.


Rather than being “civilian” rescuers, White Helmets have a different claim to fame: foreign-funded “regime change propagandists & terrorist allies” operating primarily in al-Nusra and Da’esh strongholds, as explained in detail in investigative writer, Vanessa Beeley’s, “Syria’s White Helmets: War by Way of Deception” and “Syria’s White Helmets: War By Way of Deception ~ ‘Moderate Executioners’“.

As for the Guardian piece, it is full of the standard MSM obfuscations, and does not highlight the crisis that is Aleppo under terrorists’ bombardment. Instead it employs the standard accusatory rhetoric, mourns for the “Civil Defence” aka “White Helmets” aka terrorist supporters and propagandists.

In fact, BBC, Guardian, AFP, CBC, etc, all read from the same tired, lying script: pretending that WH are rescuer workers, lambasting the Syrian army/airforce/government, and utterly ignoring or downplaying the immense tragedy of the massacres actually taking place by western-backed terrorists.  
None of this is surprising, but it is most certainly infuriating. There is no respect for actual loss of life by terrorists in Syria; the humanitarian cards are played and manipulated only to serve the long-dead rhetoric of the NATO-alliance criminals.

Syrian political analyst and freelance writer, Kevork Almassian, noted an uplifting development: “The “Syrian Specialist Hospital” in Aleppo declares it will treat the injured civilians by the Turkish Western backed terrorists for free.”
But as western/corporate media continue to ignore the terrorists’ bombardment of Aleppo, and as Syrians there continue to endure the worsening situation, independent media must ensure that the reality is told and the lies refuted.

Syria: The Real US-NATO 

Creators of Hell in Aleppo

Vanessa Beeley

As US and NATO propaganda reaches another crescendo in Aleppo, it is important to remind ourselves of a few salient facts.  First and foremost we need to understand that the prevailing force occupying Aleppo and terrorising civilians is US and NATO backed Al Nusra in the city itself and ISIS in Northern and Eastern outlying areas.  

We are re-publishing an article written in 2015 with the testimony of an Aleppo civilian who remains anonymous because of the possible threat to their family and friends if their name were to be made public. The content of the article is still relevant, even now, as The Syria Campaign in familiar fashion twists the truth into the shape of western propaganda.

According to the Syria Campaign, every missile that has targeted civilians in Aleppo has been dropped or fired by the Syrian Government forces.
Please note that their infographic is based upon information supplied by the SNHR another Soros backed NGO on the ground in Syria.

Read about the George Soros funding for the Syria NGOs at 21st Century Wire: George Soros Anti-Syria Campaign Impresario
Syria Campaign Aleppo
Notice the sharp contrast with reporting from SANA, the foremost Syrian media outlet with reporters inside Aleppo.

Aleppo, SANA- Sixteen civilians were killed and scores others, most of them children and women, were injured due to terrorist rocket attacks on the residential neighborhoods of Aleppo city by the terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra and other armed groups affiliated to it on Friday.

A source at Aleppo Police Command told SANA reporter that as worshippers were wrapping up Friday Prayer, terrorist organizations fired dozens of shells on the neighborhoods of Bab al-Faraj, al-Midan, al-Muhafaza, Seif al-Dawla, al-Iza’a, al-Martini and al-Nile Street.

Many citizens were killed, a number of houses were destroyed and fire erupted in two places in al-Nile Street and Bustan al-Zahra neighborhood due to terrorists using explosive shells to cause massive damage in the area.

A medical source at al-Razi Hospital said that 16 dead bodies arrived to the hospital in addition to 32 injured persons, some of them are in critical situation and most of them are children and women.

Nine civilians were injured, including 5 children, in terrorist rocket attacks that targeted the villages of Qastal Jando, Baflouna and Qatma in Efrin area in northwestern countryside of Aleppo province on Friday, local sources told SANA reporter on Friday.

The terrorist attacks caused material damage to the locals’ properties, the sources added.”
Syria: Welcome to Hell 

First published at

HRW, Amnesty International and assorted Humanitarian offshoots are on a ceaseless crusade against the SAA use of barrel bombs.  Today, Ken Roth even compared the use of Barrel bombs to the destruction caused by the nuclear bomb used on Hiroshima whilst failing to mention that the Israeli bombardment of Gaza in 2014 can very credibly be compared to Hiroshima in its destructiveness and tonnage of explosive dropped on innocent civilians in the besieged & battered enclave.
ken roth
According to Roth, barrel bombs are also responsible for all refugees…not our Governments imperialist, murderous plundering of sovereign nations. Then  Annie Sparrow [ Roth’s wife] is blaming all destruction in terrorist occupied Idlib on the SAA.

Never a mention of US backed terrorist chemical weapons, hell cannons, mortars, suicide bombers, beheaders, racists and rapists, on their Captagon fuelled murderous invasions of civilian areas.
The barrel bomb itself is a rudimentary missile, cheap to produce [around $ 200 per bomb depending upon level of TNT].  It has design faults in that the fins on the bomb are still not aerodynamically perfect, despite several changes.
The detonation depends upon the bomb falling vertically on to its nose to trigger the detonator.  It actually has a  relatively high failure rate  Its supposed advantage is that it can be launched from helicopters and the accusation is always that only the SAA use helicopters in Syrian airspace.

This has been proven untrue.  It has been well documented that Turkey supplied helicopter cover for terrorist forces.  “In the morning attack on Kassab, Syria on March 21, 2014 it was Turkish military helicopters which began the attack.  That morning 88 unarmed civilians were killed, and 13 of those beheaded.  The Turkish military assisted the FSA, Jibhat al Nusra, and Al Qaeda that morning with heavy canon fire and helicopter missiles shot at the Kassab police station.”

The barrel bombs are a non-issue cooked up to vilify the SAA because other countries are not using them.  I suppose it would be better if they could afford Tomahawk missiles at $1-2M apiece.  We know how surgically precise they are and never touch civilians.  If the SAA were dropping perfume they would probably be accused of chemical weapons.”

Direct quote from Khaled Abdel-Majid, the secretary general of the united Palestinian factions that are fighting the extremists in Syria, particularly Yarmouk, alongside the Syrian Arab Army.

Compare this description from a battle hardened fighter tackling the terrorist threat on the ground in Syria to the sensationalist marketing campaign from another Soros propaganda firm, the Syrian Network for Human Rights.
barrel bomb
Fundamentally the Barrel bomb is a bomb…and a very crude one that bears no resemblance to the sophisticated missiles being deployed by the US and NATO alliance targeting civilian structures that goes unreported in western and gulf media.

A military source told SANA that warplanes of the Washington alliance violated Syrian airspace and attacked civilian infrastructure in Mare’a, Tal Sha’er, and al-Bab in Aleppo countryside on Sunday.

The source added that the warplanes attacked the biggest electric power plant that feeds Aleppo city, which resulted in cutting off power from most neighborhoods in Aleppo city.

Just a week ago U.S. air attacks had attacked another power station and a big distribution transformer al-Radwaniye also east of Aleppo.”

NGO Complicity with Terrorism in Syria

It must be remembered that the SAA [Syrian Arab Army] is fighting a war but not against anti government rebels or moderates as depicted in the mainstream media. Rather its a dirty war against a merciless, depraved and bloodthirsty proxy army funded, armed and supported by the Empire interventionist alliance [US, Turkey, KSA, Jordan, NATO, Israel].

It is undeniably documented that Turkey is the main rat run, supplying weapons, supplies, chemical weapon ingredients and manpower often via the pseudo aid convoys.  Serena Shim reported that WHO trucks were running arms and equipment to “rebels” shortly before she was killed in a mysterious car accident, after receiving death threats.

RT: Trucks are crossing Syrian-Turkish border with no restrictions near Reyhanli checkpoint, according to Russian Defense Ministry who released the footage.
Moderate Rebel” Mortars and Hell Cannon

In war, regrettably, civilian life is lost, it is unavoidable and particularly when terrorists embed themselves into civilian areas, converting civilians into human shields.  Of course this is never mentioned by the Ken Roths and Annie Sparrows.  Neither is it mentioned that the SAA make every feasible effort to evacuate densely populated civilian areas prior to targeting terrorist cells.

Another aspect of this warfare that is consummately ignored are the terrorist mortars and hell cannons that cause extensive structural damage and massacre civilians with a range of up to one mile.

How is it that these HRW “witnesses” on the ground [presumably under a barrage of missiles from both SAA and “rebels”] can categorically state what is causing damage and loss of life.  The unreliable barrel bomb or the ground based and mobile hell cannon units that fire upon civilian areas indiscriminately or even the terrorist dug tunnels, packed with explosives and detonated as a diversion before they attack SAA/NDF positions.

Video supplied by Syrian Reporters February 2016. 

A fighter from the Syrian “moderate rebels” Bridge Sultan Murad is bombing the Shekh Maqsod neighborhood in Aleppo city. [Kurdish area]

At the 0:32 he is saying “Throw it on civilians , to the depth , they think we will not target civilians”

First Hand Account from Aleppo

The people are crying and terrified by the “moderate peaceful opposition”. But we can’t bomb them because the “international community” will blame the Syrian army of using their unprecedented super ultra weapon that is way stronger than a nuclear bomb: Barrel bombs!

The terrorists are using mortars, explosive bullets, cooking-gas cylinders bombs and water-warming long cylinders bombs, filled up with explosives and shrapnel and nails, in what they call “Hell Canon”. (google these weapons or see their YouTube clips. The cooking-gas cylinder is made of steel, and it weighs around 25 kg. Imagine it thrown by a canon to hit civilians? And imagine knowing that it’s full with explosives?

Yet, the media is busy with the legendary weapon of “barrel bombs”! They came to spread “freedom” among Syrians! How dare they say that Syrian army shouldn’t fight them back?

For the first time last night, we smelled gunpowder. The shelling was so extreme to smell gunpowder in the air.

Results were nothing but new innocent victims. I mean, the terrorists failed in gaining new land, or occupying new buildings or quarters. They lost many of their “zombies”, but they don’t count, because they have no families or friends to weep on them like the case with civilians.

I apologize that I’m very upset, mostly not from the attackers and whoever is supporting them in Turkey over here (and Israel and Jordan in the south); but mainly from the liars in that conference in Britain or at the UN , who keep lying and lying, piles and tons of lies, about “freedom” and “barrel bombs” and live in their perfumed and ironed suites and ties, happy with their Ph.D. degrees in stupidity and fooling the world, having no problem in obtaining clean water, electricity, warm food, and the rest of services that we are suffering over here to obtain part of them.

Those people travel in 1st class airlines, and live in 5 stars hotels, and ready to come on TV channels to weep upon the “Syrian people” and blame the “regime” while giving a blind eye upon all the terrorists they are funding and supporting. I wish these people, whether they were Arabs or Westerns, Muslims or Christians, Syrians or others… I wish them Hell! And to taste and suffer the same pain they caused to innocent people.

Syrian army had defended the city, and all the lies on the media claiming the terrorists victories are nothing but rumours and gossip.”
The Hell cannon is a “wildly inaccurate” weapon even according to the Empire one man propaganda band, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.  In Aleppo the SAA is marooned in the centre of the Old Citadel and is fired upon by “rebel” positions scattered throughout the city.  These inaccurate weapons are known to have caused massive damage to ancient Aleppo edifices but have also torn into civilian areas and ripped civilian limbs and bodies into shreds.

A locally made shell is launched by rebel fighters towards forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad at the frontline in al-Breij district of Aleppo December 10, 2014. REUTERS/Sultan Kitaz
Hell Cannon Aleppo

Aleppo city has shrunk to a fifth of its original size, and became so crowded with refugees that fled their areas after they fell into terrorist hands. I walk everyday in the city. I see children, young girls without limbs because of a terrorist mortar  or shrapnel  that targets them randomly and causes  terrible wounds and horrific memories that will never leave them.

The girl who lost one leg is standing on her good leg and selling bread, while the little boy who lost one arm is selling chewing gum. Those are the “injured” people who are mentioned fleetingly in the news, just numbers in one line of a report, after each attack from the terrorists. “Injured” doesn’t mean scratched or having a bleeding finger; it means someone lost his eyes or her limbs.” ~ The Wall Will Fall Aleppo Files

There is, unequivocally, a need to report upon all mortalities as a result of this devastating US NATO neocolonialist war against Syria. However the glaring bias towards the demonization of the legitimate national fighting force, battling a vicious, brutal and mercenary enemy is an insult to the intelligence & courage of the Syrian people and a deliberate obscurantism of truth and the extent of the duplicity and hypocrisy of our own governments.


Author Vanessa Beeley is a contributor to 21WIRE, and since 2011, she has spent most of her time in the Middle East reporting on events there – as a independent researcher, writer, photographer and peace activist. She is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Syria Solidarity Movement, and a volunteer with the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine. See more of her work at her blog The Wall Will Fall.

The Guardian has broken its silence to produce this propaganda today

Even those familiar with the worst of the Syrian conflict are shaken by the scale of the latest assault, as bombs and guns seek out civilian targets

The Guardian has broken its silence to produce this propaganda today

Even those familiar with the worst of the Syrian conflict are shaken by the scale of the latest assault, as bombs and guns seek out civilian targets

The president of Aleppo city council, Brita Haji Hasan, had a picture on his phone. It showed the corpse of Hasan Amory, 29, a father of two and council engineer who that morning had been killed by a Syrian air force missile as he headed into work in the opposition stronghold.

We have had massacres on a daily basis for six or seven days,” Haji Hasan told the Observer, during an interview in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, 30 miles from the Syrian border.

They are destroying schools and civilian targets using barrel bombs, airstrikes and machine guns. Another colleague of mine was killed yesterday while I spoke to him on Skype.”

As the most senior civic leader in Aleppo, Haji Hasan has been trying to make life livable in the most impossible and dangerous of circumstances. “It is a terrible situation,” he said. “But we are trying to live.”

Syria’s largest city is once again under bombardment: its residents are, once again, exposed to pitiless, wanton attack as the world looks on. The ferocity and cruelty of the bombing of Aleppo by Bashar al-Assad’s air force has shocked even those familiar with the worst of this conflict.

Since breaking its ceasefire eight days ago, the regime has launched more than 260 airstrikes, 110 artillery strikes and 18 missiles, and has dropped 68 bombs, according to the civil defence organisation in opposition-controlled Syria known as the White Helmets.

Aleppo has been excluded from a partial ceasefire agreed elsewhere in the country late on Friday evening. On Saturday the regime’s airstrikes began at around 10am with a volley of seven missiles hitting civilian areas in the space of half an hour, killing at least six people and injuring 20. That came after attacks on Friday left at least eight people dead and destroyed a medical facility and a water pump, threatening the city’s vital supplies, according to reports.

NGOs demand end to Syria atrocities as Aleppo airstrikes continue
Read more
On Thursday, bombs destroyed a hospital backed by Médecins Sans Frontières and the International Committee of the Red Cross, killing the city’s last remaining paediatrician, along with 26 other people, including three children.

Staffan de Mistura, the UN envoy for Syria, declared the cessation of hostilities agreement brokered by the US and Russia as “barely alive” as a result.

The UK’s special representative for Syria, Gareth Bayley, tweeted: “#Russia needs to get control over the #Assad regime’s attacks on civilians.”

US secretary of state John Kerry meanwhile urged a return to the nationwide ceasefire in Syria and said attacks on Aleppo must stop immediately.

The secretary expressed his deep concern about the deteriorating situation in Aleppo, where the ... regime (of President Bashar al-Assad) continues to escalate the conflict by predominantly targeting innocent civilians and parties to the cessation of hostilities,” his spokesman John Kirby said.

Such is the onslaught that the Observer understands humanitarian organisations are considering pulling out of Syria’s biggest city. A draft statement being circulated among NGOs warns of a “complete absence of the fundamentals of safe humanitarian intervention, and the absence of a clear mechanism to monitor and document violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law”.

It further claims that there is “growing, recurrent targeting of humanitarian organisations, teams, and the vital centres that provide services to civilians in the province, by the Syrian regime and its allies”.

It goes on: “The most recent assaults included the shelling of Syrian civil defence centres, al-Quds children’s hospital, NGOs’ ambulance systems, and a number of administrative offices of the NGOs operating in the province.”

The UN high commissioner for human rights, Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, on Saturday condemned the “monstrous disregard for civilian lives” by all parties to the conflict and called for urgent de-escalation.

Analysis Aleppo is a such a prize for both sides that its suffering just goes on
The west’s lack of appetite for military intervention has left Syria’s rebels feeling they have nothing left to lose

This figure includes around 140 people killed by government-aligned forces in airstrikes and shellings of rebel-held areas, 19 of them children, it said. Insurgent shelling of government-held areas was said to have killed 96 people, including 21 children, according to a report from Reuters.

Al Hussein also made reference to widespread rumours that new Russian artillery sites were being established on the outskirts of Aleppo. “The violence is soaring back to the levels we saw prior to the cessation of hostilities,” he said. “There are deeply disturbing reports of military build-ups indicating preparations for a lethal escalation.”

In his interview with the Observer, Haji Hasan confirmed that Aleppo was under partial siege, and that the last remaining road had been under almost constant attack since the two-month ceasefire between opposition and regime forces was broken by Assad. He said that he had heard about the Russian build-up on the periphery of the city but that he could not confirm this presence.

In 2013 there were two million people in and around the city,” he said. “There are 400,000 right now. Some people just fled, but these 400,000 won’t leave – even though they know that at any time they could be bombed or killed. It is semi-siege right now. The only road connecting Aleppo is always targeted by airstrikes, the Castello road. This road is targeted by airstrikes and snipers, too. It is a dangerous road, but we have to use it, there is no other. If that goes, we will be besieged. It will be a disaster.”

Late last week, in another illustration of just how dangerously fraught the politics of the city are becoming, Haji Hasan was seized by Kurdish secret police at his home at 9am on Thursday after having made the 10-hour trip back through the badlands of northern Syria.

He was subsequently detained in the police station before being taken to the Kurdish city of Afrin, in north-west Syria. His whereabouts on Saturday were unknown.

Sources close to Haji Hasan, who has sought to build a consensual council for the crisis-stricken city, said it was unclear why the Kurdish forces would interfere in the civilian government. The vice-president of Aleppo’s city council, Zacharia Amino, condemned Haji Hasan’s detention as a violation of human rights. The father of eight, who had been keeping services running in the city, had been taken from the citizens when they needed him most, said friends. A statement on Saturday said: “We firmly condemn this violation and we demand the democratic council to release immediately the president of the local council of the city of Aleppo and to explain this precedent and to offer official excuses.”

A temporary “regime of calm” announced by the Syrian army late on Friday appeared to have taken hold in two other areas blighted by recent fighting: in the north-western coastal province of Latakia and on the outskirts of the capital, Damascus. The Syrian government said the “regime of calm” – from which a military source said Aleppo was excluded – was an attempt to salvage a wider ceasefire deal reached in February.

Aleppo has been divided for years between rebel and government zones. Full control would be the most important prize for Assad. He claims the fighters in the city are al-Qaida extremists.

The UN has called on Moscow and Washington to help restore a comprehensive ceasefire to prevent a collapse of talks aimed at ending a conflict in which more than 250,000 people have been killed

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