Monday, 16 May 2016

Weirding of the climate in Wellington, NZ

Spring in Autumn
Raspberries in late-autumn and leaves on the trees


It's autumn...Fall.

We’re two weeks off the official start of winter.

Trees are supposed to be losing their leaves and for every one of my 59 years May has been cold – or at least there is a hint of winter in the air.

Instead, our thermometer says 20 degrees Celsius

With the strong winds, were it not for the incredible dryness one would think we were in the midst of spring equinoxal gales.

Walking out on the Hutt river this morning there was an uncanny feeling. 

Everything looks washed out, dessicated.

Our magnificent magnolia tree still has its leaves – two weeks off winter!!

Not only that but the tree is coming into bud

This is what our garden looks like 

Last year I thought it was strange when our tree came into flower in July.


But the strangest thing of all on our section is this.

Two weeks off the start of winter and we have raspberries!!

Maybe not a whole harvest of them but we are used to having rapsberries on Christmas Day, not late autumn

Most people wouldn’t give a thought. 

The sun is shining and the cafes are open. 

“I love the warm weather”, says the shop assistant.

But for any of us with our eyes open there is something seriously wrong with our weather

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