Friday, 13 May 2016

Satire alert

Dedicated to my friend Stephen K with B.P in mind

It doesn't take too much to take things to their illogical conclusion

Israeli spies point to weather manipulation
Hokitika, NZ before the Israelis came to town

Israeli Mossad spies posing as tourists were spotted in both Hokitika, NZ and Hobart, Tasmania, providing direct evidence that there is a plot to manipulate the weather and pool the wool over the eyes of the public in the interests of an Agenda 21 UN-driven plot to depopulate the earth.

Canterbury and other parts of the country have seen serious drought, People say this is due to global warming which we know is a hoax perpetuated by the New World Order headed by zionists and lizards.

What we know is that this has been produced by weather manipulation.

How do I know this? 

The photos below produce direct proof.

Satellite Imagery Shows Worst Drought In North Island In History Is Man-Made

north canterbury april22 This photo, shows a Jet Star plane spraying an aerosol trail over North Canterbury on April the 22nd, 2016

Just look at these photos and the strange skies.

may 7 ripples near hawarden, north canterbury Ripples show electromagnetic energy is stimulating the atmosphere. The weather manipulators need aerosol trails to measure the effect of the energy input and decide whether to employ other measures if required.

And look at the strange glow in these sheep

Sheep on drought effect land 8.04am  7 May

This photo from North Canterbury shows yet more proof that we are being sprayed with chemicals

Near Hawarden, North Canterbury, NZ

Here are some very insightful comments from witnesses

Here are some very insightful comments from witnesses

Does anybody else feel extremely fatigued the day of and after seeing the clouds like this? The Usa sight I was on said these formations occur when they let out certain frequencies from the gwen towers which look like cell towers. When you look around there are a heap of cell towers popping up everywhere.

Does anyone know what exactly they are spraying? Are there vaccines in the spray?

Now it seems they are resorting to HAARP to attack us with extreme weather.

They've already created the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, so why wouldn't they use it again?

Looks Like Haarp Caused NZ EarthQuake?

"You do not need a fault line to be able to produce a man made earthquake, HAARP can create quakes anywhere there is water or trapped moisture,& our planet is honeycombed with water & pockets of gas. HAARP can move tectonic plates in any direction it is aimed at. Scalar waves which are generated off of EM waves can accomplish this.There are countless top secret HAARP array's worldwide,stop focusing on just the HAARP in Alaska because its one of the only publicly known antenna farms,top secret above & underground haarp facilities cover the globe."


The biggest proof of weather manipulation comes from the facts about “global warming” which I can summarise:
  • We are entering an Ice Age
  • There is record ice in the Arctic
  • There has been record snowfall and record cold
  • the oceans aren’t rising.They’re falling
  • Polar bears are thriving and moose making a comeback
  • 99% of scietnists don’t believe in man-made global warming
  • Plants produce CO2
  • It isn’t the hottest year on record
  • Weather change
In short we are all headed for an Ice Age so you’d better be prepared!

We all know that EVERYTHING is falsified so you really can’t rely on anything you see or read these days.

My best proof comes from the voices inside my head.


We all know that the fires at Fort McMurray couldn’t have lit themselves. SOMEONE had to have lit them..
Here are some thoughtful thoughts on this:
drought was planned,any fire was all thats needed.this is preburn fire lines for yellowstone eruption.notice how there has been big fires in a circumference of 500 miles around yellowstone over the last year and a break management.
also the govs usually have multiple agendas with one action.drying out arctic is to mine it as gold and other minerals running thin in usa.obama said the usa gold mines would be dry in twenty it will aid in migration of folks for when yellowstone goes off.little minibooms to feed evacs by inspiring them to move to these mining towns.versus gov supporting and sheltering them.then if my theory holds,the middle east will be the north pole in 50 years and the arctic will be nice realestate.
there are shitloads of these ionispheric heaters.they aint for research unless my dic is for pussy research.
theres one somewhere in or around ok pan handle.notice all the low pressure systems forming over pan handle lately?the current tornadoes in colorado are a result of these ionic heaters.they have them on satellites and chinese and lockheed american battle ships too.
they are researching kicking americans in the nuts.


As conformation, here is proof that the Queen is a lizard

I will leave you with the following:

Obviously we did not go to the moon and Russia knew it

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