Thursday, 5 May 2016

Paul Beckwith on the Port McMurray fires

Paul Beckwith’s report on the Fort McMurray fires comes in two parts

likely to be 's costliest natural disaster

Fort McMurray's 80,000 Climate Refugees

Fort McMurray was incinerated in a wildfire creating 80,000 climate refugees overnight. As tragic as this fire was, it is just one more city being destroyed in our climate change casino. Every city on our planet is vulnerable. Governments must do the right thing and declare a global climate change emergency.

Fort Mac Alberta Lucks Out In Climate Casino

Yet another city gets destroyed in our global climate change casino. A few weeks ago it was Houston drowning. This week it is Fort McMurray, Alberta being destroyed. Next week it could be your city or mine...

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  1. Good job. One misspeak. Great Barrier Reef is in Australia not California.