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Green Party politics in NZ - 05/23/2016

Kevin Hague and the Green Party tells us more-or-less how it is (leaving invertebrates and other species essential to the ecosystem out of the picture) but Radio NZ quibbles over the figures and follows this up with an article that showcases gardener-minister Maggie Barry and her obfuscations/lies.

National responsible for 142 species under threat -Green Party

In eight years 142 species have moved closer to extinction since National came into power, according to figures obtained by the Green Party.

Conservationfunding debate shows little sign of dying out

The Conservation Minister has hit back at suggestions more New Zealand species are facing extinction because of a lack of funding.

Kevin Hague and Maggie Barry
Kevin Hague and Maggie Barry Photo: RNZ

The Green Party says figures it has obtained under the Official Information Act show that in the past eight years, 142 species classified as 'non-threatened' have been reclassified as 'at-risk', and some 'at-risk' species are now rated 'threatened'.

Conservation spokesperson Kevin Hague said the Department of Conservation had less capacity to protect species because of a lack of funding.

He said the government was spending $55 million less each year on conservation than when the National Party took office.

Mr Hague said the increased threat to such unique biodiversity should be prompting more investment, not less.

But Conservation Minister Maggie Barry said the Greens were being disingenuous in their interpretation of the figures, with only 14 species reclassified because of a population decline.

She told Morning Report there had been no reduction in funding and the government was protecting more species.

She said the government was taking the right approach.

"It is working. We needed to take a broader based approach than just species-specific, but with the work we are doing, it has been very successful. And I think that probably there has been some, shall we say, disengenious interpretaion of some of the figures that Kevin Hague obtaine dunder the OIA."

Ms Barry said there had been no reduction in funding and the government was protecting more species.

Instead of telling the public the truth the Green Party and opportunist Jamie Shaw has opted for the political step of calling for a plan to shut the gate long after the horse has bolted.

Are these guys just ignorant of reality or are they liars and opportunists?

You be the judge.

Plan needed to tackle climate change - Greens

There has been a total policy failure during the past decade to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Green Party says.
Greenhouse gas emissions.
The government needs fulfil its international obligations on climate change Green Party co-leader James Shaw said. Photo: 123rf

The latest assessment of the country's greenhouse gas emissions shows they are at their highest level since 1990.

The agriculture and energy sectors continued to be the highest contributors - making up almost 90 percent of New Zealand's climate-damaging emissions.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw said he is disappointed by the latest results and he wanted the government to step up and fulfil its international obligations.

He said the government has the data at its fingertips to create effective climate policies, and he is willing to help it with that.

"The government has the opportunity to do the right thing.

"They have signed up to the Paris Agreement which commits the county to doing everything in our power to limit global warming to one and a half degrees," he said.

"We have extended an offer to work with them to ensure that we deliver on that commitment."

The Green Party have a comprehensive plan, including a price on carbon and tax cuts, to reduce emissions, Mr Shaw said.

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