Monday, 23 May 2016

Further comments on Fort McMurray

I don’t really have an axe to grid (other than to pose questions) - but there have been the most incredible comments on social media that essentially rally round the Canadian authorities who are responsible for arguably one of the grestest ecological crimes in the history of humanity – the Albert tar sands.

Should I disbelieve a report from mainstream media when they are saying loud and clear – people had to sign non-disclosure forms.


This was a comment on my Facebook page today:

No secrets here. They have to repair numerous breaks in the electrical grid and natural gas pipelines. Also all the stores have to remove all the rotting food, clean up, then restock for the people moving back in. The people moving back in will be moving back in phases so as to not overload the garbage collection systems with all the rotten food in their own homes. There are no no disclosure papers to sign. Some people had to sign statutory declarations that they were in fact residents of Fort Mac to get a $1250 prepaid visa. Some people got out with literally the shirt on their backs.(no identification)”

They sign a non-disclosure form because of rotting food ad breaks in the electrical grid?? Who’s this guy trying to kid?

No disclosure papers to sign. Not what the TV report says.

I know the media lies – but about this?

Mainstream television as conspiracy theorists?

I’ve got no evidence either way but comments like this on social media from someone I don’t know persuades me that something is being kept from us.

I have every reason to think that industry shills and people that depend on the tar sands for their livelihood will be very active on social media trying to muddy the waters.

I distrust anybody who tells me categorically how things are without any proof or disclosure of how they come by such information

Here's that report again - 

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