Monday, 16 May 2016

Electoral Fraud in America

This is from Lee Camp from RT's Redacted Tonight

Yesterday while the mainstream media was sleeping...

This is how democracy works in Nevada


These comments explain how things might work:

How things went down in Nevada after 14 hours:

1. Have a secret meeting to change the convention rules at the last minute to favour one candidate and give the chair unlimited power without appeal

2. "Pass" the rules even though you don't have a quorum.

3. At the convention make a motion to make those permanent and use the rules to blatantly override the voice vote with no division of the house and no appeal.

4. Use those rules to push through any motion you want while openly ignoring legitimate motions and petitions from the floor.

5. When you discover you've still lost the convention by over 30 delegates disqualify 64 delegates and declare your candidate the winner.

6. Once again use your specially created rules to ram through a motion to accept the count ignoring the no vote from the floor.

7. Ignore motions from the floor to remove the chair. Send the chair up to rapidly "pass" several items of business ignoring an overwhelming no vote.

8. Adjourn the meeting with no motion or vote.

9. Here's your police escort out!

Way to not even hide the corruption NevDems!"

This is the latest edition of Redacted Tonight

Election Fraud Special Report! (You Won't Believe This)

In the new episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp covers the results of the primary election. And it’s not good news. Exit polls which are an indicator of functioning democratic elections essentially gave the United States a failing rating. Elections’ boards are desperately struggling to explain themselves as peoples ballots go uncounted and the voting machines don’t seem to be working. Then correspondent Naomi Karavani reveals Congress’ struggle with technology basics and Carlos Delgado covers the brief and wondrous life of a famous philanthropist, Prince. This and more on Redacted Tonight. 

By the way, here is Lee's response to a hit piece done against him in Raw Story on this subject -

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