Monday, 9 May 2016

Contemplating the worst - in 2008

Worst Case Climate Change (2008 TED Talk)

In February 2008 I gave a talk at TED in Monterey CA. It was a TED-U talk for about 20 minutes. That talk was recorded but never posted online. The idea was to take best case or nominal case climate change off the table, and just for the sake of it...discuss worst case scenarios. No one was giving a talk like was a bit too scary. Many people left the session in tears.

When I returned from TED we recorded the same talk in a studio even though I was sick (in this video). That was never seen or posted until now (May 2014), more than 6 years later. I remember being sick that day but doing it anyway.

What is most interesting is to look forward from 2008 when this was taped and see what predictions have come closer to reality (arctic ice melt and antarctic as well) and which have not. Regardless of one's beliefs or political convictions, the ideas and science here make for great conversation.

Hopefully none come true.

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