Saturday, 21 May 2016

CO2 levels - "we've crossed the tipping point....we're fucked"

This is from Roger Caldwell an American scientist in the Philipines concerned with climate change. It's not good news.

"Last year, 2015, saw the largest rise in global CO2 concentration since records began. The rise was 2.99ppm. This year, that record will again get smashed, as were already 3.58ppm higher than 2015.

This is happening even though mankind emissions have stayed flat for the last 3 years (according to the IEA) due largely to phenomenal growth of RE (wind and solar).

This is really bad news because it means that nature, not man, is now in control of the extinction event that we started.

The record El NiƱo can be credited for part of the rise, for example, the combined years of '97/'98 saw an increase of 4.78ppm. But it doesn't compare to the 6.57ppm were seeing thus far in '15/'16.

We've crossed the tipping point. CO2 is now rising faster due to climate feedback than it is to mans emissions. In other words, we're fucked."

The increase in carbon 
dioxide level

The graph shows recent monthly mean carbon dioxide globally averaged over marine surface sites. The Global Monitoring Division of NOAA/Earth System Research Laboratory has measured carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases for several decades at a globally distributed network of air sampling sites [Conway, 1994]. A global average is constructed by first fitting a smoothed curve as a function of time to each site, and then the smoothed value for each site is plotted as a function of latitude for 48 equal time steps per year. A global average is calculated from the latitude plot at each time step [Masarie, 1995]. Go here for more details on how global means are calculated.

The last four complete years plus the current year are shown here. The last year of data are still preliminary, pending recalibrations of reference gases and other quality control checks.
Data are reported as a dry air mole fraction defined as the number of molecules of carbon dioxide divided by the number of all molecules in air, including CO2 itself, after water vapor has been removed. The mole fraction is expressed as parts per million (ppm). Example: 0.000400 is expressed as 400 ppm.
The dashed red line with diamond symbols represents the monthly mean values, centered on the middle of each month. Theblack line with the square symbols represents the same, after correction for the average seasonal cycle.
The latter is determined as a moving average of SEVEN adjacent seasonal cycles centered on the month to be corrected, except for the first and last THREE and one-half years of the record, where the seasonal cycle has been averaged over the first and last SEVEN years, respectively.
Click for a comparison with recent trends in carbon dioxide at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, which has the longest continuous record of direct atmospheric CO2 measurements.....[ ]

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  1. Yup. Echoes, well, whats been going through this non-scientific grey matter with growing certainty.

    WTF is the globe gonna look like in another 20 years? 40 years? We have been living through the 'golden age' of pure ignorance and simply could not recognize it. I say it more and more often ... Thank GOD I'll almost certainly be dead before the endgame truly hits humanity.

  2. I think we passed the tipping point in 2012.