Sunday, 1 May 2016

"An impressive end to the el-Nino"

As with everything I am only reporting what has come to me. Please don't kill the messenger.

Towards the end of the 

These are comments from Roger Caldwell via Facebook

"Thar she blows!!!

"Very impressive end to the El Niño. Within the last 3 days, the center strip across the Pacific equator has cooled by an amazing -5C, bringing a very abrupt end to the El Niño, pinging in at -2C below normal. You can see the effects already beginning to happen across the globe.

"The "cool" button on Earths air conditioner has finally been turned back on."

I went back and asked him if the hot blob in the South Pacific that I talked about last week was still there.

His reply was: 

"The blob is an ssh (sea surface height) anomaly, which is a good proxy for ocean heat content.

"It's still there."

"This one more recent 4/23

"El Niño is measured right along the equator (+\-) 5 latitude."

PS. I have been following Roger Caldwell on Facebook but have no idea who he is. All I could find was this reference. He seems to be involved in geoengineering.


The map below is from today and indicates that the hot blob in the Tasman Sea is alive and well.

The cooling seems to be limited to that tongue in equatorial waters

I am not really qualified to give a definitive opinion but I am a little sceptical about the passing of the el-Nino bringing about more than a very small amount of cooling.

Here is an extract of yesterday's discussion with Guy McPherson and Kevin Hester.

I'd be very surprised if we're all wrong.

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