Thursday, 19 May 2016

America moves towards war

NATO sets the world on the course towards war

I listened to the sane voices of Stephen Cohen and John Batchelor last night and woke up to this headline today

Former British general predicts Russia will seize territory in eastern Ukraine and invade Baltic states, sparking war

Listen to Stephen Cohen and John Bachelor

NATO Escalates & Russia Fulminates
Stephen F. Cohen, NYU. Princeton.

Listen to podcast HERE

"President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has warned that an American antimissile deployment in Eastern Europe could prompt #Russia to withdraw from the treaty. The United States last year accused Russia of violating the treaty by failing to declare the true range of two missile types.

"Last fall, Russian security officials appeared to drop hints of another military response to the missile defense system — a #nuclear-armed drone submarine. Russia, this leak appeared to say, has options.

"During a high-level security meeting, a television camera zoomed in on an open binder showing the weapon’s design, ostensibly by accident.

"The drone, according to easily decipherable text accompanying the design drawing, would be capable of carrying a large nuclear device into coastal waters and detonating it, touching off a radioactive tsunami to flood and contaminate seaside cities.

"The submarine would “defeat important economic objects of an enemy in coastal zones, bringing guaranteed and unacceptable losses on the country’s territory by forming a wide area of radioactive contamination incompatible with conducting military, economic or any other activities there for a long period of time,” it said..."

And Stephen Lendman

Brexit Campaign Plumbs New Depths as British PM Equates Putin with Terrorist Leader

British Prime David Cameron claims Russian President Vladimir Putin wants Britain to leave EU just like Daesh leader.
British Prime Minister Cameron has again played “the Putin card” in the referendum campaign over the question of Britain’s possible exit from the EU.

The London Times reports him as saying the following:

It is worth asking the question: Who would be happy if we left? Putin might be happy, I suspect al-Baghdadi might be happy.”

The notorious Your News Wire asked the question Is America Preparing For World War 3 back in November last year.

Now event the extremely reasonable Stephen Cohen seems to think so.

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