Monday, 11 April 2016

Threat to Germany from secret ISIS army in Europe

A rare high level Judge in Germany, ready to speak openly and publicly about what is being engineered by the globalists against his country and against humanity. People like this need to be cherished as gems found in a desert. We have such few honest people who occupy powerful positions.
---Tate Ulsaker

Germany to be hit by ISIS secret army – German judge

German Judge interview in English language.

Dec 2, 2015

Below text translated by Google from Swedish

"Data from the German security services and one of Germany's highest judges warn before that ISIS has already smuggled a secret army of several hundred thousand men in Germany to be hit in March 2016. They will knock out the electricity grid , communications networks and key executives. The supply of arms from the secret ship deliveries , which come to different German ports . Blackwater is to organize and refugees in Germany.

"All those hundreds of thousands of migrants who do not let themselves be registered must have taken a lot of money with them when they ignore the state . We know ISIS never had a lack of money thanks to the many rich countries , Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, USA , that sponsored them and thanks to Turkey who buy their stolen oil.

"The mobile phones are donated on a conveyor belt to the refugees 'children' and the like liars play a crucial role in the organization of this secret takeover by secret ISIS armies.

"All indications are that Sweden is facing the same threat."

Check out what this African immigrant says about European immigration. He is against it. He sees what it is doing to himself and to Europe. Start from about 3 minute mark.

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