Monday, 4 April 2016

New Zealand goes Venus - according to Metservice

Despite this report we haven’t quite gone Venus yet!

Waking Kiwis stunned to find they were going to be hotter than Mercury

4 April, 2016

Early waking Kiwis who checked the weather forecast were astounded to discover air temperatures on Monday were expected to exceed the boiling point of water.
A tweet with a picture of the MetService forecast puts the temperature at 3.53am in Dunedin at 118 degrees Celsius, which was also the high expected for the day.

Hell on Earth? No, just a glitch at MetService.

Hell on Earth? No, just a glitch at MetService.
Blenheim had a reading of 119C shortly before 11pm on Sunday, while Paraparaumu was predicted to be heading for 218C. Even Wellington was headed for 117C.
Around 7am MetService made its own tweet, saying problems with the temperatures shown on its website and app should be fixed.
Officially, the hottest surface temperature ever recorded on Earth was 56.7C in Death Valley, California in July 1913. Water boils at 100C, tin melts at 232C and the average temperature on Mercury is 167C  - although with only a very thin atmosphere the closest planet to the Sun ranges between 427C and -173C.

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Whoa whoa whoa going to be a hot day in Wellington today

Heatwave predicted for Dunedin today ....

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