Saturday, 16 April 2016

Chemtrails debunked

Climate Changed Contrails DEBUNK Chemtrails

15 April,2016

Chemtrails do NOT exist. Nobody is spraying chemicals from aircraft for geoengineering, or for any other reason. I explain the science here.

Climate change has changed the physical properties of the lower and upper atmosphere differently. Jet aircraft contrails are thus brighter, easier to form and last for much longer than before. This has confused many people, and not been explained at all by scientists/

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  1. My trouble is that I have a nice big piece of sky here in southern Maryland that I know quite well after some 20 years of cloud gazing. I know all the schedules of the flights out of Baltimore and National Airport,a few a day and no contrails. On any given Saturday or Sunday there can be dozens of planes criss crossing with long trails that can float there for a couple hours.These are unequivocally not commercial flights, so what is going on?