Saturday, 9 April 2016

Another cop shooting

Police shooting in Omaha

Cops shoot unarmed man 17 times


Every day almost there is a police shooting or other example of the brutality of the cops in the United States.

I don’t have the time or inclination to chronicle these events but yesterday this was brought home to me as the uncle of a friend of mine, Rylan McIntyre was shot dead by police in Omaha,Nebraska.

The media may say otherwise but this was yet another example of the shooting by triggerhappy cops of an unarmed man.

This is important to me personally because I have known Rylan through Facebook for some years. Not only has he been of great help to me in keeping me abreast with important events but, more importantly,he was part of the tribe of Mike Ruppert in the last two years or so of his life.

There is a group of us and since Mike’s passing we have never forgotten each other.

We are coming up very soon (on the 13th April) to the second anniversary of Mike’s death. I am very sure that he would want us to gather round Rylan and his family and help any way we can.

I am asking that people come forward and help with a donation to help this family.

Often there is little that we can do and we can't help everyone. But we can help some.

Funeral expenses for Lance McIntire

Lance McIntire was 44 years old when he crossed over, Thursday, April 7th 2016. During his time he has done many, many good things for the people.

Let us remember and honor him for these things. And also honor and support his family.

He is survived by his wife Ashley McIntire, 2 boys 1 daughter. 5 granddaughters and 4 grandsons.

The goal is to help the family with funds to send him off in a good way. The services are humble, but there is no way to escape costs.

Anything that you can do will help, and is greatly appreciated. Even if it just a dollar, or sharing with your network of friends and family.

Wopila, Mitakuye Oyasin!


The media and the cops are reporting that he was armed and was shot 1-2 times.

Omaha police have identified the man killed as Lance McIntire, 44.

Police say they located a suspect vehicle, near 31st and L streets, that had fled from them earlier in the day.

Officers say they made contact with the suspects, and during that contact, "the situation rapidly escalated."

Police say they opened fire, hitting McIntire. He was taken to the University of Nebraska Medical Center in critical condition where he later died.

However, the truth is that he was unarmed and was shot, not 1-2 times, but 17 times

His crime? Not paying child support and driving without a licence.

I will just finish off with this comment from another friend of Mike's:

About two weeks ago a suicidal teen was shot dead with lots of police bullets. He was holding a plastic replica of a machine gun. It seems that makes it OK. Sweep it under the rug, that's just business as usual for the Empire machine of domination”


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