Saturday, 5 March 2016

Latest on runaway climate change from Guy McPherson

Professor Guy McPherson just recorded some comments today on the latest temp rise from Feb 2016. I

f you can't watch the whole video yet, it's at the 12:50 min mark.

2016 Runaway Climate Change * Leading Scientist * Economy Collapse * Troubling

The latest on the huge temp jumps in 2015 and in the last few months. From looking at the data,we are past 1.5C average global temp ,getting close to a 2C temp. Exponential function is running the show now.

Leading scientist lays out for you the connections.The only truth teller, Professor Guy McPherson. Included is some info about the relationship of runaway climate change and economic collapse.

Here is an extract of Guy's latest report. No picture for the first minute, sorry.

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