Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Guy McPherson and Paul Ehrlich in conversation

This conversation disappeared off You Tube for quite a while. I'm pleased to see it back.

Guy McPherson in Conversation with Paul Ehrlich


  1. Looks like it's already gone again, they want to keep us ignorant about our plight so they can keep GROWTH on the agenda & keep profiting from our poverty.

  2. It's back again, interesting conversation with Paul Ehrlich. I still have a hard copy of "The population bomb", his timing was off but endless growth on a planet just isn't possible. So why do I keep hearing politicians & economists, who should know better, keep talking about "sustainable GROWTH"?
    Even the poorest, most ignorant uneducated farmer knows he can only graze so many animals on his land before the land is over grazed & the animals starve, how come we "educated" westerners don't know that?
    Why can't we accept that as ANIMALS we are subject to the same laws as other animals?
    I think one reason is RELIGION! Religion has people believing in things that have been PROVEN to be untrue! Like "sustainable growth" & we are not animals but a special "creation".