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Democrat Establishment cutting ties with Hillary Clinton?

I am unsure what is reliable and what is not in American politics. This was recommend ny Tariq Ali, so I assume it is.


4 March, 2016

That headline up there, I know it’s a pretty damn bold statement. But there are some extremely large developments going down this week, that just cannot be glossed over.


First and probably biggest is that Clinton’s staffer who installed the email server that has caused her so much trouble, has now cut a deal with the Department of Justice and been granted immunity. Never have I ever heard (nor had Joe Scarborough from Morning Joe) of a case where someone was granted immunity to clear someone’s name, or to help people NOT be prosecuted. Someone is going down, whether it’s Clinton, or one of her aides (even though Clinton said she took full responsibility, she may back-peddle from that before it’s all over).

Here are two videos from two of the more conservative shows on MSNBC which has been very biased and PRO-Clinton from the start that pretty much turn full 180 on how they have been talking about the former Secretary of State.

When this news broke last night in the Washington Post it was very clear that you don’t grant immunity because you’re curious about the process of how an email server is setup and how classified information is passed along. The FBI is now drilling down deeply, they want to know who had access to classified information, and if they find people had access to classified information and passed it over an unclassified email account, then they’re possibly going to be charging people, you know why? Because they have to…” – Joe Scarborough


The media has been lately painting the inaccurate portrait that Clinton has this election locked because of the Super Delegates. Hillary had the 2008 locked as well, till Obama started gaining popularity and the Super Delegates ditched the loser for the winner, and we all know how that turned out.

Nancy Pelosi is beginning to realize that staying tied to the establishment will not get her re-elected and she may be about to switch gears to the Sanders camp. There was a time when she used to be for a Single payer healthcare plan nearly a decade ago.

In a statement she said:

I’m not a believer in the sway of superdelegates deciding who is going to be the nominee,” Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol. “I think we have a democratic process where people vote on both sides of the aisle … and that that should determine who the nominee is

Diana Price over at The Inquisitr is saying that this is probably “the biggest bombshell of the campaign“, and hardly nobody is talking about it.

Whether you love or hate Nancy Pelosi she knows how to play politics (aka the Game of Thrones). On the one hand if you know what’s good for you and do not go against team Clinton.  On the other hand there comes a point when everyone starts fleeing from a sinking ship. To be one of the most establishment and high ranking democrats and come out opposed to Hillary Clinton is not a very popular thing to do. Going against the party’s favorite can be very dangerous to a career politician, as Nina Turner and Tulsi Gabbard are well aware.

The fact is Nancy has been in Clinton’s corner for quite awhile, but at the end of the day Nancy looks out for Nancy. Nancy Pelosi knows a lot more about the goings on within Washington than most everyone else, and would probably be one of the first to realize when the end is near for the Clinton campaign. That Pelosi is advocating for changes in the Democratic Primary system that would hurt Clinton’s chance at the nomination says a lot about the state of this race. Perhaps she’s afraid that Preston Picus may actually beat her if she doesn’t distance herself from the Neoliberal wing of the party.

It’s also not just a coincidence that this lines up the same week that Tulsi Gabbard resigned as the co-chair as the DNC (which is WAY bigger than the media is letting on), or the same week that 100,000+ people have signed a petition to press criminal charges against Bill Clinton for electioneering and possibly going against the Americans Disability Act by blocking access to polls for those who are disabled.

Something huge is about to hit the fan and Pelosi can see it and is preparing for the worst. The real delegate count currently stands at: 577 for Clinton to 394 for Bernie Sanders with 35 states left to go and most of Hillary’s biggest shoe-in southern states already out of the way.


I touched on this briefly above, but Tulsi Gabbard’s endorsement may be more important than Elizabeth Warren’s ever could. Elizabeth Warren already endorses Bernie, we all know it, even though she hasn’t done so officially. The fact that the establishment and DWS is fighting against her, and the fact that her talking points sound like they were written by Bernie himself. For political and personal reasons she’s chosen to stay quiet though, and we should respect that and not attack her.
Gabbard on the other hand is a rising start. One of the youngest women elected to the house of representatives, and a veteran with real foreign policy experience. She singled out foreign policy as the main reason for supporting Bernie Sanders, by saying that we need a president who’s not going to lead us into more failed wars set on regime change.

Warren could endorse Bernie, and they would both be beating the same message about Wall Street and money in politics, but Tulsi Gabbard opens up more dialogue about what it really means to be a tempered leader on foreign policy.
If you had to ask me, Tulsi just became the top pick to be Bernie Sanders’ running mate in the general election, and would probably add about 3-4 points of electability beyond the current polling. Face it Bernie Sanders is already the only candidate that can beat all the Republican candidates, with Tulsi as his running mate it’s done deal.


Campaigning is expensive especially if you want to win. Sometimes you need to make bets as to whether it’s more important to have principles or to raise money no matter what it takes. Bernie Sanders we know raises the majority from his hordes of followers. Hillary Clinton has to stop her campaign and go hold elite corporate fundraisers. Like the one where Ashley Williams and a friend paid $500 to get into the event and staged a peaceful protest asking for answers as to what she meant by “Super Predators. Or the one coming that is co-hosted by Goldman Sachs, and NRA lobbyists.

Hillary Clinton has asserted time and again that she’s not beholden to her corporate donors, yet her actions speak louder than words. The top 1% are for the TPP which not only would drive American jobs away, but would also make it so that American companies would be more powerful than countries (even our own) in trade deals. Hillary Clinton played important roles in negotiating and arranging the TPP. If you don’t think the Clinton’s would endorse a trade deal that would drive jobs to China and put more people on poverty and welfare then you’ve probably never heard of NAFTA.

Ask anyone in Detroit what NAFTA is and you will get a seething tirade on how it drove out one-third of Michigan’s manufacturing jobs in the past 15 years alone. Michiganites can tell you it caused the loss of over 43,000 jobs.

According to Bernie Sanders:

From the first days I was in Congress … I understood that NAFTA and other trade policies were being written by corporate America for one reason… And that is that corporate America made the decision that they didn’t want to pay workers in this country a living wage … What they wanted to so was shut down plants in America, go to Mexico, go to China … and then bring their products back into America.

The TPP is a trade agreement among 12 Pacific Rim countries signed by political leaders including Barack Obama, after seven years of negotiations.

Hillary keeps saying she’s opposed to the TPP or Trans-pacific Partnership yet here’s at least 24 times that Hillary Clinton championed for the TPP as Secretary of State:

I’ll leave you with one more little tidbit. Bernie Sanders raised nearly 13 Million Dollars more than Hillary Clinton in the month of February. The majority of his donations come from millions of everyday workers, many who have been laid off and don’t have much money to give are still supporting him. This says loads about his electability, and the power he has to bring people to the polls.

The fact also remains that #BernieOrBust is a real thing, those who’ve pledged not to vote Hillary no matter what are stubborn as a mule, and won’t budge. For many this election cycle is about average American democrats taking a stand against the corporate owned senators and representatives that take bribes from moneyed interests in Washington. This is a fight for the heart of our own party. We who subscribe to #BernieORBust feel that if Trump were to win, and enough establishment democrats were to lose their spot in Washington it would send a huge message that Neoliberalism is out and FDR style Egalitarianism is back in.

The largest group of #BernieOrBust voters have decided that the day after they vote in their primary to go green as a protest and join the Green Party which aligns with many of Bernie Sanders issues. The thought is that if they can get 5 Million people to take their names off the roll of the DNC it could cause an uproar from the party establishment.  It will also definitely help the Green party gain some momentum and growth which is good because if we can’t change the Democratic party from within, then the only other option is to do it from without by joining a new more progressive party.

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