Sunday, 13 March 2016

BBC disinformation on Fukushima

BBC Wrong on Fukushima, Again

Response to:

Dose-rate conversion:
" 2.8 microsievert/hour = 24.5448 millisievert/year "

Study cited @ 
1:40 re regional natural background dose rate of 0.05 uSv/y
Malins et al (2016). Evaluation of ambient dose equivalent rates influenced by vertical and horizontal distribution of radioactive cesium in soil in Fukushima Prefecture. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 151 (2016) 38e49

Study cited @ 
Mozdarani et al (2002). Chromosomal aberrations in lymphocytes of individuals with chronic exposure to gamma radiation, Arch Irn Med, 5(1): 32-36.

Study cited @ 
Zakeri & Assaei (2004). Cytogenetic monitoring of personnel working in angiocardiography laboratories in Iran hospitals. Mutat Res. 2004 Aug 8;562(1-2):1-9.

Study cited @ 
Kendall et al (2013). A record-based case-control study of natural background radiation and the incidence of childhood leukaemia and other cancers in Great Britain during 1980-2006. Leukemia. 27(1): 3–9.

Study cited @ 
Spycher et al (2015). Background ionizing radiation and the risk of childhood cancer: a census-based nationwide cohort study, Environ Health Perspect, 123(6), 622-8. Spycher's graphs are in nSv/h, which is nanosieverts per hour and which I converted for this video to microsieverts per hour by the rule: 100 nSv = 0.1 µSv.

8:04, BBC concedes that 122 Chernobyl deaths estimate is misleading
BBC: “Although defensible as an estimate, the figure of 122 deaths attributable to radiation from Chernobyl was presented as definitive when there is general agreement that estimates in this area are uncertain. The programme was misleading in that respect, though not to a degree which might have amounted to bias in relation to the arguments about nuclear power.”

Estimate of Chernobyl deaths @ 
8:47 from

European Environmental Agency (2013). Late lessons from early warnings: science, precaution, innovation. EEA Report 1/2013, Chap 18, p. 435, European Environmental Agency, Copenhagen.

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