Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Why has Russia's air campaign been so effective against ISIS?

Chechen Muslims Fight ISIS

Why has Russia's air campaign been so effective against ISIS?

02:24 To be absolutely clear, the men working in Syria are not Russian special forces, but spies, double agents. They live among the terrorists, dress and behave just like others. 

01:43 They collect information on the numbers of terrorists, targets for air strikes, and confirm the air strike results. 

02:04 Our guys say that air strikes are very accurate - 3 meters, 5 meters (from the target), a pleasure to see. 

01:15 Our guys were among those trained on NATO bases and sent into Syria.
00:28 But these people know why they are risking their lives –

They went so that Chechnya, and the Russian Federation as a whole, could live in peace in the future.

07:27 Those fake "patriots" who claim that we should be separated from Russia, that other regions should be separated – they should be in jail or abroad.

10:33 When they were defeated in Chechnya, insurgents fled to Syria. It is important to make sure they do not win there, regroup and come back. Because of them, so many people suffered – here, and all around the Russian Federation.

We had so many deaths fighting them – soldiers, security, policemen... We should not allow this to happen again

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