Thursday, 4 February 2016

Deconstructing a right-wing rant on TPPA

Media rat, Mike Hosking on TPPA

Activist Gerard Otto deconstructs Hosking's rant.

Our Lives in our Country

Today New Zealand will speak back to those who seek to control our ability to govern ourselves. We are a free and sovereign people who decide our path together without an oppressor limiting our choices, misinforming our potential and dividing our families and work places. We do not take that freedom for granted after it was won with such hard toil, right or wrong. It is ours and it is for our children and theirs beyond.

Today they will hear a protest like none before and they are afraid, because they are stealing our freedom.

They are asking us to lie down and be proud while they agree our captivity. Captivity to a parallel justice system with no right of appeal for nations. An unconstitutional power grab that even now the UN and Europe have rejected.

They are pressing on with a nightmare in a mad hurry, a hurry caused by the truth casting itself amongst many of us - only now. They know it - and they wish to distract you with a small fistful of benefits - a carrot in your face. But we all see the Donkey that is ISDS behind their facade.

Their communicators are asking us to believe that all FTAs are the same but they dare not debate the details because they cannot.

The TPPA is not like any other FTA we have previously agreed to - we know it is mostly about rules that impose the dominance of American Corporations upon nations.

It is about three trading blocks TTPA, TISA and TTIP - built within an enclosure that seeks to shut down the progress of non member nations and saddle its members under the yoke of it's limitations.

They are asking us to believe that all our protests are insignificant and that the benefits from the TPPA are far greater than we believe.

Yet they cannot demonstrate their claims in an independent analysis that stands up to academic scrutiny. It is simply another lie designed to influence you and your peers, family and co-workers.

They like to claim that most New Zealanders think a certain way. A claim that is ridiculous. The term "Most New Zealanders think" is a roadsign for manipulation. Mark it well when you see it or hear it. "Most New Zealanders think ...", is a technique they use.

They know that people are influenced by what other similar people may say or prefer. So they hijack that way of thinking to try to persuade you that your thinking is weak or out of step. But they are lying.

We are not out of step. We are stepping up.

Today I will be so proud of you.

You are why New Zealand is great. Let's make it even greater today.


My thoughts about Mike Hosking and his opinion about the TPPA
Posted by Gerard Otto on Tuesday, 2 February 2016

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