Thursday, 4 February 2016

Media coverage on the day of the TPPA-signing

Mark my words, New Zealand is a fascist country

Waking up this morning turning on RNZ (formerly Radio New Zealand and before that the National Programme) - which has always prided itself on being balanced and objective - is full of propaganda and manipulative consent-manufacturing.

Former NZ prime minister, Jenny Shipley supports the deal as does "Business" - even if chambers of commerce don't - but they won't tell you that! - I had to hear that from Jane Kelsey.

The first thing I saw was a headline something like - 

That has now been replaced by the following - 

You can bet your bottom dollar they won't be reading out my or anybody else's critical comments.  

Instead the serious letters from RNZ's sophisticated audience they are reading out are more along the line of "bloody Maoris" and "these people should get a job instead of turnng up to demos", "rent--a-mob" etc.

To get a flavour of NZ's flagship current affairs show listen to THIS

Suzy from Scotland says to activist Annette Sykes "do you mind letting my finish my question"  and then starts interrupting and talking over Sykes.

Great journalism, eh!

In the meantime on Radio Live right-wing apologist Duncan Garner (who has also taken over John Campbell's slot on TV3) is very chatty with our Prime Sinister

"I'll be speaking about whatever I like" PM John Key

To hear right-wing apologist, Duncan Garner chatting Prime Sinister, Key GO HERE

It seems that the right-wingers are ruling the airwaves today (I've got no idea what's happening on television - I can't bear to watch)

"Wanna sell our Nation down the river, John? Go for it boy!"

The Dominion Post (Stuff) is meanwhile emphasising the "security threat"

TPP Signing: Historic signing gives Kiwis a chance to feel proud - Key

Just to demonstrate that there is a small vestige of journalism left in the coutnry watch this

Finally - Maori have got it right. 

They're bloody angry at not being consulted and not ruling anything out.


  1. great coverage by RNZ livestreaming John Campbell and his camera-man Alex walking with the protest all the way down Queen St - thousands are there, and a very impressive front line of Ngati Whatua warriors leading the way.

  2. Meanwhile no-one is publishing Lisa Owen's pic of a female protestor being dragged by the hair by a recidivist motorbike cop in full gear and helmet (unidentifiable, of course) with baton drawn. He turns up to all of these protests so he must have the blessing of his masters. What is this country coming to?

  3. They are all paid off even our Facebook accounts and posts have been limited so not to show the thousands upon thousands images and thoughts of all the protests yesterday. Many of the postd i hve shared are limited not even my partner saw 90 percent of my post and im listed as a see first on his news feed. Its a war on truth and John Jey and his government are the ones using our money our tax payer dollars to keep us down.