Saturday, 13 February 2016

Justice denied for Helen Kelly

Helen Kelly is a New Zealand hero who should, if we lived in a decent society, be showered with acolades. But we don't and the pathetic excuse for humanity has taken his revenge by denying justice for one our best citizens.

Fuck Peter Dunn!

Martyn Bradbury speaks for me in this regard. Kudos.

Denying Helen Kelly justice
..what a shallow, baseless society we have become when the war on drugs trumps basic reason.

13 February, 2016

I’m fucking disgusted…

Helen Kelly’s medical marijuana bid rejected

Helen Kelly’s application to use so-called medical marijuana has been rejected by the Ministry of Health.

..what a shallow, baseless society we have become when the war on drugs trumps basic reason. Cannabis IS NOT the horror drug the cops and right wing politicians have made it out to be. It has huge medical properties and denying a social justice hero like Helen Kelly pain relief and dooming her to pharmaceutically crippling alternatives is a slap not only to her face, but to all educated and reasoned NZers.

Our Government would prefer Helen Kelly suffers in pain rather than acknowledge cannabis could help. They would see her in the grave before they admit they have lied all these years about cannabis.

We have a debate about the right to kill yourself – but we won’t allow a terminally ill person take cannabis???

Disgusting decision!

And here - and these are my own words - is the pathetic excuse for humanity, arsehole, the Hon. Peter Dunne -responsible for this travesty

Helen Kelly's medical marijuana bid rejected
Helen Kelly's application to use so-called medical marijuana has been rejected by the Ministry of Health.

13 February, 2016

The former Council of Trade Unions president is dying of cancer and had sought permission through her doctor to import and use Bloom Farmers Highlighter Sativa and Indica cannabis oil inhalers.

In a letter to Ms Kelly, the Ministry says it's assessed the application but "considered it to contain insufficient information to enable a decision to be reached".
It then says that the Associate Minister of Health Peter Dunne was briefed and a "Ministerial decision was made to defer the application".

Ms Kelly's doctor has suggested to the Ministry that he is now preparing an application for Sativex, the same drug that was given to Nelson teenager Alex Renton.

But Ms Kelly has told ONE News that she doesn’t want Sativex because it's "not suitable" for her pain.

She wants the Ministry of Health to tell her what the best products are and what they will approve, saying they should be "forced to make a recommendation one way or another".

Yes, we still do have good people – heroes even. This is an outstanding and empathetic interview from John Campbell.

Helen Kelly on cannabis, assisted dying and unions: RNZ Checkpoint

Helen Kelly was raised in a Union family, and has given much of her adult life to the Union movement. A fighter, not agreed with by all, but admired by many, including a surprisingly large number of her opponents

One thing that Helen Kelly has advocated for (along with the use of medical cannibis) is assisted dying.

Partially as a result of listening to the arguments on both sides,and partially as a result of my own health situation (which I also see as justice denied) I have started seeing the decision to voluntarily end one's life as the right of every individual who has considered long and hard and come to this decision - especially if they are suffering from a terminal illness.

This is something called personal sovereignty which Peter Dunne and his cronies wish to deny along with every other liberty,

Read this article that appeared in Melbourne's Age in January

More information HERE

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