Monday, 15 February 2016

Iranian General warns Saudi Arabia

Iranian General issues direct warning to Saudi Arabia over military escalation in Syria

15 February, 2016

The Deputy Chief of Staff for the Iranian Army issued a direct warning to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the latter deployed several aerial assets to Turkey on Saturday.

Speaking to Al-Alam TV on Sunday, Brigadier General Massoud Al-Jazayeri stated “we will not let the situation in Syria be dictated by opposing countries. We will take the necessary actions in due time.”
This was General Jazayeri’s response to a question regarding Iran’s plan to deploy more military advisers to Syria if the Saudi Army enters the country.
The Saudi regime confirmed on Saturday that they had deployed several warplanes to the Incirlik Military Airport in southern Turkey in order to “intensify” their operations against the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham” (ISIS).
General Jazayeri added that “the terrorists fighting in Syria today are the same forces used by Saudi Arabia and Americans in the region.”
From “what country, except Turkey, do the terrorists commute to Syria? Which countries, if not the reactionary Arab countries, support them?” he asked.
Today, with the victories of the Syrian army and the popular forces, they want to send troops to Syria, but it is a bluff and a psychological war,” Jazayeri added.
Saudi Arabia has used everything at its disposal in the Syrian front and so far they have failed not only in Syria but also in Yemen.”
Quotes provided by the AFP and IRNA

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