Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Electoral fraud in Iowa vote

These are the headlines

Hillary Clinton 'wins' Iowa Caucus by 0.2% with all precincts reporting

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. © Brian Snyder
I was totally disinterested in this shit that's called US politics until I saw this.

Voter Fraud and 'Missing' Precincts: How Clinton Stole Iowa

The Democratic Party has already chosen its candidate. Who the people actually want is irrelevant.

Rudy Panko
2 February, 2015

The media is reporting a virtual tie between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the Iowa Caucus. (The latest numbers give Clinton a miniscule edge, 49.8% Clinton, 49.6% Sanders).
But don't be fooled: Clinton stole Iowa, and there's even video proof of her dirty tricks:
candid camera

A quick explanation of what you're watching (voter fraud):
The important problem is that the Bernie counters recounted everyone, while the Hillary counter was literally recorded telling someone else that she only added newcomers to the count she had before, and then when asked if she recounted everyone, she lied to the organizer and said "Yes". This means that if anyone left the caucus site who was supporting Bernie, then they were removed by Bernie's recounters, but any Hillary supporter who left the caucus site was treated as though they were still there for the purposes of the recount. Thus, artificial inflation of her numbers occurred unless everyone who left was a Bernie delegate, on top of the Hillary campaign surrogate lying to an election official to cover up her (negligent at best, malicious at worst) mistake.
And they left the recount up to a Yea Nay vote, which is just ridiculous.
Imagine how many other precincts used similar tactics. The fact that even C-SPAN calls it outright voter fraud should leave Americans with no illusions: The Democratic nominee has already been chosen.
But wait, it gets worse:
Sanders's camp says that the Iowa Democratic Party has informed the campaigns that the caucus results from 90 precincts are missing.

That's right: Caucus results from 90 precincts are missing. Clinton is certainly talented at misplacing/deleting things that she doesn't want people to read.
Hillary Clinton receives $200,000/hour to speak to Goldman Sachs behind closed doors (and no transcripts of what she says are allowed, of course). Do you really think this election hasn't already been bought and paid for?

"Democracy" is fun.
UPDATE: "Hillary Clinton Wins Extra Delegate Based On Coin Flip"

[On]n the democratic end, the battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was so close that it came down to a bloody coin toss.
Clinton won the toss and took an Iowa precinct.
A coin toss.
Is this what our democracy has come to? Here’s a video of the toss in action.
SECOND UPDATE: It's a tie -- aka "Hillary wins!"
Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton appeared to have won the Iowa caucus after her rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, dubbed it "a virtual tie." "Based on the report from the Iowa Democratic Party Chair, we have marked Hillary Clinton as the apparent winner. The party described the race as a 'historically close caucus,'" NBC News said.

Hillary Clinton -- the "apparent" Democratic presidential nominee.

I have also had my attention drawn to the following. 
I will leave it up to my American friends to analyse this.


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