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Does Saudi Arabia have nukes?

Saudi Arabia Admits it Has NUCLEAR BOMBS; Will Test Within Weeks!

Saudi Arabia Admits it Has NUCLEAR BOMBS; Will Test Within Weeks!  

19 February, 2016

In a shocking development, Saudi Arabia has now publicly admitted they possess NUCLEAR BOMBS.  The bombs will protect the ground invasion of Syria by Turkey and Saudi Arabia. . . which puts the Russians in the unenviable position of having to use nuclear weapons to defend themselves and Syria.
Speaking in a television interview Dahham Al-'Anzi of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was discussing why many in the Arab world feel the need for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to be removed from power, and that a ground invasion was not only necessary, but is going to take place!
In the context of the pending invasion, Dahham Al-'Anzi outlined the missiles, planes and other war-fighting equipment the Kingdom has acquired and then revealed "We have a nuclear bomb" and asked the TV Interviewer, "Why do you think we have all these weapons?" He then answered his own question "to protect Arabs and Muslims."
Not content to have revealed this staggering information, Dahham Al-'Anzi went further and stated "We may test it within weeks."
The stunned TV Interviewer said "This is breaking news, I haven't heard this before" to which Dahham Al-'Anzi replied "This isn't breaking news, the super powers have known about this for awhile.
There is much more information coming in regards to this story, we are getting the info out as fast as we can given the intense need to verify and corroborate it before we report.

CIA Confirms: Saudi Arabia has Four to Seven Nuclear Bombs, Deliverable by Missile or Aircraft

CIA Confirms: Saudi Arabia has Four to Seven Nuclear Bombs, Deliverable by Missile or Aircraft

20 February, 2016

Founding Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Counter-Terrorism Operations Center publicly confirms Saudi Arabia has deliverable nuclear bombs.
Last week, on "The Hal Turner Show" Mr. Turner told his audience that, based on his years of experience as a National Security Intelligence Asset with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Saudi Arabia is in possession of nuclear weapons.  He also made clear that a CIA asset had (earlier) made this revelation in public, on FOX NEWS CHANNEL, and this revelation was a staggering breach of Classified Information protocols.
Turner went on to say that "the only way a guy from the CIA would reveal such information is if Washington WANTED the information revealed; otherwise the person who exposed the classified material could be criminally prosecuted."
Given the fact this revelation comes at a time when Syrian and Russian forces, battling Rebels and Terrorists inside Syria, may soon face a massive invading ground force, backed by massive amounts of tanks, the Russians may have to use Tactical (Battlefield) Nuclear Weapons to defend themselves from being over-run.  Thus, the release of this information by the CIA on FOX NEWS CHANNEL is actually a THREAT to Russia; don't use tactical nukes or the Saudis will nuke them back!
Above is a map showing the actual, proven range, of DongFeng Missiles, possessed by Saudi Arabia.  These missiles are perfectly capable of carrying nuclear weapons within the range shown.  Moreover, as you will see in the video below, the nuclear bombs which the Saudis have, can also be delivered to targets by Saudi F-15 fighter jets; meaning they can be dropped well beyond the range shown on the map above!


Arabian Peninsula countries included Saudi Arabia and Bahrain who ratified or acceded to the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty in 1988, Qatar and Kuwait in 1989, UAE in 1995, and Oman in 1997.
The fact that Saudi Arabia now admits they took possession of nuclear bombs despite having signed the Treaty means something very simple:  Saudi Arabia's "word" cannot be trusted.  Even with something as serious and solemn as a Treaty, their "word" is no good.   Even when their "King" signs a treaty, the word of their King is now proved to be no good.  To put it in street terms, Saudis are "shifty."

We have now obtained the video from FOX NEWS CHANNEL and present it here under the Fair Use Exemption of United States Copyright Law, for news purposes.

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