Tuesday, 16 February 2016

An August 1914 moment - : CrossTalking Syria

Common sense from these four commentators. 

In the second half they talk about the danger of this being like July, 1914 when nations cease to talk to each other and any people who attempt to rise above the fray and talk logically are demonised as 'unpatriotic' (in this case, either 'conspiracy theorists' or 'Putin apologists'.  

In short, the Empire, faced by years of abject failure cannot back down.

Depresфingly, every word uttered by these gentlemen rings true

CrossTalk on Media: Bullhorns gotta bullhorn

On this edition of the program we have a look at the spin behind the rogue state known as Turkey. And what accounts for the persistence of myths about Russia? Also, is a new Cold War Washington’s default Russia policy? And the summit in Havana as well as a US election update.

CrossTalking with Dmitry Babich, Mark Sleboda, and Eric Kraus.

Saudi Arabia Threatens to Remove Assad 'By FORCE'

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