Saturday, 16 January 2016

Fear grips Wall Street

Nothing - no problem that was in the headlines - or not - ever goes away. The only thing that changes is the focus of our attention, whether it is the destruction of the Living Planet and abrupt climate change or the rush towards World War 3.

Today if just happens to be panic on the stock markets, oil breaking through the important $30 level.

Meanwhile the Powers-that-were are trying to divert your attention. "Don't look at this. Look at that"; "the market had another case of the jitters"

Be prepared and brace for impact.
Meanwhile a Big Fat NOTHING on this from Radio New Zealand (‘Pravda-upon-the-South Seas) or anywhere else in the NZ media. It’s Saturday and everyone’s at the beach and besides – all this is not for little Hobbits.

Meanwhile, accordign to Radio NZ the markets had ‘another case of the jitters yesterday.

You wouldn’t read about it!

Wall Street in panic: Dow Jones, S&P 500 plunge 3 percent as oil prices fall

15 January, 2016

Fear gripped markets on Friday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Index falling more than 500 points. Global stocks suffered in the wake of oil prices dropping below $30 a barrel and sell-offs occurring in the Chinese stock markets.

The S&P 500 fell below its August low of 1,867, trading more than 3 percent lower by midday. The Dow also showed a drop of more than 3 percent, losing over 500 points. The Nasdaq composite lost more than 4 percent during the same period.

The sell-off dashed hopes about stability on Wall Street, coming just a day after US markets had their best day in over a month. On Thursday, the Dow had jumped 228 points, a nearly two percent increase for the day.
The panicked selling was sparked by a nearly 6 percent slide in US-produced crude oil that pushed prices below the critical $30 a barrel mark. Investor anxiety in mainland China compounded global worry, with the Shanghai Composite dropping 3.6 percent.

Venezuela oil price: $24.38, lowest since Nov. 2003: BBG

The Federal Reserve’s recent policy of hiking interest rates may have led financial professionals to sell equities, according to Boom Bust’s Edward Harrison.

Many analysts look at markets as forward-looking, meaning they rise or fall in anticipation of how earnings and the economy will fare in the future.” Harrison said. “Therefore, many market watchers are taking the recent fall in equity markets in the US and globally are a sign that financial conditions have tightened too much in the wake of the Fed’s first rate hike. This should be a signal to the Fed that its present tightening policy bias now carries significant downside risk both for markets and the real economy.”

As of 1:10 pm EST, the Dow industrial was down 489 points (2.99 percent), and the S&P 500 had dropped 55 points (2.9 percent).

The Dow industrial and the S&P 500 indexes have dropped nearly 9% so far this year, while the Nasdaq has slid by 11%


Stocks tumbled around the world, with U.S. equities headed for their lowest levels since August, and bonds and gold jumped as oil’s plunge below $30 sent markets reeling. Treasuries extended gains as economic data and earnings added to concern that global growth is faltering.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average sank 404 points, European stocks fell into a bear market and the Shanghai Composite Index wiped out gains from an unprecedented state-rescue campaign as global equities added to the worst start to a year on record. Oil touched $29.28 a barrel as Iran prepares to export into a global supply glut. A measure of default risk for junk-rated U.S. companies surged to the highest in three years. Yields on 10-year Treasury notes dipped under 2 percent as doubts grow that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates. Gold surged 1.6 percent with the yen on haven demand.

the Guardian

Losses followed worldwide declines due to concerns about health of the Chinese economy and falling oil price and extend US markets’ worst ever start to the year

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  1. "Venezuela oil price: $24.38"
    The war on Venezuela continues apace.