Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

How many times has Russia invaded Ukraine in the last year? Let’s add them up
From Sarah Palin to John McCain, from the NYT to the BBC, over the past year Russia has invaded Ukraine so many times that Google delivers over 1.3 million results on the subject. The newest accusation of Russian invasion has gotten so old and worn out, that people are simply starting to tune out the folly and silliness of the “boy who cried wolf.”


13 November, 2014

As we approach the one year anniversary of the “Euromaidan” protests, and eventual coup of President Yanukovych, one meme has dominated the Ukraine headlines ever since, the ‘Russian military invasion of Ukraine.’

Last week Ukraine’s Military spokesman Col. Andriy Lysenko, accused Russia of sending tanks, troops and lot’s of other stuff across the border into Ukraine, as reported by the NY Times:
Speaking in Kiev, the capital, Col. Andriy Lysenko, a Ukrainian military spokesman, said 32 tanks, 16 howitzers and 30 trucks hauling ammunition and fighters had crossed into the Luhansk region from Russia.
He presented no clear evidence to support the claim, nor did the wealth of social media outlets in eastern Ukraine display any footage of a tank convoy. The Kiev government frequently made such claims that could not be substantiated during intense fighting between Ukrainian government troops and separatists earlier this year.
Neither NATO nor the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which is monitoring a cease-fire, could confirm the report.

Zerohedge’s article on the newest Russian invasion into Ukraine was aptly titled, 

So how many times has Ukraine, NATO, Jen Psaki and the main stream media “cried wolf?” Let’s find out.
First off, doing a simple Google search for just the term, Russian invasion of Ukraine” yields 1,350,000 results. Lots of Russian invasion stories are floating about online.

Let’s get into just how many instances of Russian invasions’ or near Russian invasions’ have been reported this past year, starting from early days of the coup until Col. Andriy Lysenko latest invasion’ announcement.
It’s a long, long list…

Thats a lot of invasions, near invasions, possible invasions and fear of invasions going on…and that’s just like 3 pages of Google results.
With all that Russian troop movement west, one would think they would have captured London by now.
Now the truth as spoken by CounterPunch, in a post titled, “What Russian Invasion?”
The agreement to stop the fighting was reached at negotiations organized and led by Russia and held in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. It was reached at the same time that the US was pressing leaders of the NATO countries, at a meeting in Wales, to boost their military spending and to set up more offensive military positions in countries bordering Russia.
The one thing that did not happen as a result of the cease-fire, and that in fact never even got addressed in the Minsk talks, was a withdrawal of Russian troops from eastern Ukraine.
There was no withdrawal or even mention of those troops — said to number about 1000 by the US and the Kiev government — because there never were Russian troops invading Ukraine.

Usually when someone cries wolf it’s because they want something, likely a scam or some kind of swindling going down.
In this case Ukraine is crying wolf in order to have EU and US taxpayers front the bill for their expenses…gas, oil, oligarch party funds, Hunter Biden – Igor Kolomoisky benders, etc…
For the main stream media, well they are in bed with the MIC (military industrial complex), so their payoff is more business manufacturing war.
The US and EU leaders who support the invasion meme are also in the pockets of the MIC, so it’s good business…and manufacturing fear is also what helps keep them in office.

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