Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Discussing climate change

Kevin Hester On The Independent Kiwi Show With Paul Carruthers

Two of my Auckland mates chew the fat for an hour on climate change. 

Hear how taken aback Paul is at the reality of what is afoot.

Paul, who is known for his passionate defence of Allan Hubbard of South Canterbury Finance, one of the egregious examples of government corruption and crony capitalism in this country is now hosting a regular radio show

To hear the interview go HERE

Paul Carruthers - Known for his defense of financier Allan Hubbard during collapse of South Canterbury Finance, for which the prime beneficiaries turned out to be in business with the ones who orchestrated the whole thing, including top cabinet members of the New Zealand National party!

Now Paul brings to the airwaves his biting wit, credible information & unique insights on the issues concerning Kiwis today.

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  1. Amazing interview. I hope people understand what's coming.