Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Climate change in the Southern Hemisphere

- - Paul Beckwith

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Part  three

Not only is the Northern hemisphere experiencing temperature rise, but now, the Southern hemisphere as well. 

This may not bode well for those who might wish to escape to cooler climes in the South. 

Additionally, when extrapolating projections from current climate models, we're on track for 20-30 foot sea level rise before 2070. This does not take into account additional accelerating climate factors.


Paul Beckwith is a professor of geography/meterology with a laboratory for paleoclimatology and climatology and is doctoral candidate of climatology at the University of Ottawa. He holds a science masters degree in laser physics and a BS in engineering physics. He is also a chess master. His dissertation is on abrupt climate change in the past and present. Due to the urgency of the current climate situation, Paul left up successful careers to devote himself to the study of the most pressing issue of our time - climate change. 

Interviewer: Reese Jones 

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