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Michael C. Ruppert’s Death and “Rags” the Dog

Note left with "Rags" in Michael C. Ruppert's car. IMAGE SOURCE: Jack Martin
Image Source: Jack Martin
19 April, 2014

As I mentioned, there were a total of four “notes” and a poem strategically left behind by Michael C. Rupport. One of those notes, involves Mike’s best pal, his dog “Rags”.
At some point after Mike finished his last The Lifeboat Hour radio show withCarolyn Baker at 7PM on Sunday, April 13, it is clear he spent some time with “Rags” . No one can tell you the exact amount of time or at what point in time after 7PM — and before Mike took his life, that he did this, but Mike made sure “Rags” was OK.

Where Was “Rags”?
Mike owned an old, barely-running white Lincoln. Before he took his life, he placed “Rags” in his car, he made sure there was air and said “good-bye” to his beloved dog, his pal, and companion. He left the above note inside of the car on the dashboard where it could be easily read by anyone approaching the vehicle.
One can only deduce this was probably the last thing Mike did with another living thing before he completed his last detail (yet to be shared) and took his life…
one can also only deduce, that in Mike’s wisdom, he did not want “Rags” to witness his death nor be left with his body and possibly — as an ex-LAPD Narc cop, he didn’t want “Rags” traipsing around the “crime scene” that he had carefully set-up and left for the authorities.
Meet Jack Martin

Jack Martin with “Rags”, Friday, April 18, 2014 IMAGE SOURCE: Jessica Wilhelm
Jack Martin, Mike’s close friend and the man on whose property Mike had lived — also the man who found Mike, had not really had a chance to bond with “Rags”. Mike had only been back in California and at Jack’s since late February and Jack doesn’t live on-site at the property himself where he would have had constant contact with the dog and a better, quicker opportunity to bond.
The day of Mike’s death, in the afternoon, Jack was out visiting with Mike at the property. The two spent time together talking and according to Jack, Mike did not seem to be anything other than how he always was. He says Mike wasn’t acting weird or angst ridden or anything like that and that in fact he seemed “peaceful” and “light”.
Jack told me Mike didn’t say or do anything to indicate what would happen a few hours later.
A Moment In Hindsight
Before Jack left the property, RAGS wandered right over to Jack. Jack stooped down to give him some attention. He and “Rags” were face-to-face, “Rags” had finally let down his guard and warmed-up to Jack that day.
Jack told me, he looked up to find Mike watching him with “Rags” intently with a very peaceful look on his face;  he said he and Mike made and held eye contact.
In hindsight, Jack, feels this was a much more meaningful and poignant moment then he’d known or could realize at the time. It is not likely a moment he will ever forget.
Jack believes it was that second of eye contact was when  Mike knew his “Rags” would be OK without him and would be loved and taken care of and that “Rags” would be OK with Jack.

Where Is “Rags” Now and Where Will “Rags” Go?

Mike literally and legally Willed “Rags” to the woman he loves, Jessy Re. Jessy Re is in another state so, for now, “Rags”, is with Jack and will remain with Jack and his family until Jessy Re can take him back to Colorado.
Both Jack and Mike’s last Attorney of Record, Wesley Miller (also a Mike’s close friend and business partner), have been in contact with Jessy Re several times.
Jack is more than happy to have “Rags” with him. He has a new best friend as you can see in the image above taken Friday, April 18 at Jack’s place.
Jack wanted me to tell all of you that “Rags” is doing just fine although a little forlorn. He also wanted you to know – as per Mike’s note, he is “protecting” him and that “Rags”, says “hello”.

*More coming soon…

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