Monday, 23 December 2013

The Lifeboat Hour - 12/22/2013

On tonight’s LIFEBOAT HOUR at 9 PM (Eastern) – Guy McPherson is back, not only to give us an update on worsening Climate Chaos and Global Warming, but to share with us his valuable insights as his work and message receive increasing attention.

Tonight’s show is only for the fastest campers, the people who are stepping up to become participants in their own death. I’ll also talk about a new film by VICE, starring your truly, that will be out in a few weeks… released on the net first, called Apocalypse, Man”.

There was a time when my term “fast campers” meant that the ones most awake might survive. That was before Fukushima and before Global Warming. We now occupy a reality where extinction means the death of every living thing, the Eschaton. There are some beautiful and redeeming and inspiring things taking place and our music tonight will help illuminate them.

---Mike Ruppert

Mike Ruppert and Guy McPherson


  1. Guy and Mike,

    Thanks for your response. I resent you Mike, for your tone of voice.

    My interpretation of your collective message, is that you are not interested in joining the coalition, and that you have no intention of responding to the invitation sent to you, either with a message of honourable support or objection.

    Not a problem. I suspected that would be your ‘chicken’ response, and others wanted to make sure and give you the opportunity to honourably commit; should you wish to do so. Anyway, no big deal; if you do not wish to join a rainbow coalition of persons committed to a process of implementing carrying capacity lifeboats. I shall respect your decision. Feel free to let me know if you do change your mind.

    A few thoughts in parting: Your concepts of evolving, growing and human consciousness are clearly different to mine. No big deal.

    I have hugely different responses to you both, as to what I have done, when my back is to the wall; which it currently is not. Perhaps you felt as if your backs were against the wall; I don’t know.

    Your statements of wanting to die, and ‘bring it on’, would be a big relief for you, a graduation, etc; sound as if you are cryptically asking to be turned into some kind of Masonic martyr.

    That’s not part of my job description.

    As for ego death; on this issue; it is clear you don’t want that enough yet. No big deal. Maybe one day you will, and maybe not.

    My working hypothesis is that if humans manage to survive the ecological and climate collapse and the sinking of the industrial civilization titanic; there are two possible outcomes for the society that they shall co-create: It shall either be a society of individuals committed to co-creating their procreation and consumption upon a fully informed consenting transparent ecological ‘rule of law’ social contract; or it shall just be a repeat version of the current ‘rule of men’ human factory farming social contract.

    I am committed to the former; you are committed to the latter, although you pretend to oppose the ‘rule of men’ human factory farming social contract; playing the human factory farming ‘controlled opposition’ left vs right wing blame game role.

    That’s okay. I wish you the best.

    PS: I shall leave you to clarify your ‘going dark’ messages to your respective flocks. None of my business. My ‘radical honoursty lifeboat ethics’ clerk job, as I understand it, is to make sure that any individual wishing to join and implement our rainbow commonsism social contract coalition are committed to taking honourable personal public responsibility that they are committed to co-creating a post industrial civilization society founded upon a fully informed consenting transparent ecological ‘rule of law’ social contract. Maybe we succeed, maybe you do, maybe none of us do. We shall have to wait and see.

    Lara Johnstone,
    Radical Honoursty culture
    Prisoner of Sex-&-War submission to Swiss Federal Council Clerk

  2. The article --- See More Rocks: Mike Ruppert and Guy McPherson: Going Dark. --- is referenced as a possible military intelligence psychotronically manipulated EoP observation; and/or background information related to a possible military intelligence psychotronically manipulated event; in EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: 09 Nov: Mushtaq Ur Rehman .. Ecofuture [ ].